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Topic: OVERTURE 3.0 - anybody using?

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    OVERTURE 3.0 - anybody using?

    Just wondered whether anyone out there who uses Overture 2.16 or 2.12 has upgraded to 3.0 and if they have any special comments. I note on GenieSoft\'s web page that the latest version plays hairpins etc.

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    Re: OVERTURE 3.0 - anybody using?

    I\'m expecting an upgrade copy to arrive any day. I\'ll let you know what I think about the new features soon after I get my hands on the program.


    P.S. I met the developer of Overture at NAMM last winter. He\'s very responsive to suggestions.

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    Re: OVERTURE 3.0 - anybody using?

    I just noticed that the demo version of Overture 3 is now online. It\'s available at http://www.geniesoft.biz/downloads.htm.


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    Re: OVERTURE 3.0 - anybody using?

    Thanks Pat. It wasn\'t there yesterday. I\'ll download it and have a look. Craig

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    Re: OVERTURE 3.0 - anybody using?

    Does anyone know if v3 allows for export of .pdf files now?

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