Has anyone experience workstation lockup in Windows ME when shutting down AFTER using GS160? I can shut Windows ME without any problems if I don\'t use GS160. But, once I load GS160, and play at least one note, Windows will lock up when shutting down.

It\'s not a big problem because everything else seems to work fine. It\'s just at the end of my day, I have to power off the computer by holding the power button down for 5 - 10 seconds.

By the way, this problem did not exist when my MIDI interface was the SBLive Value card. Now that I\'ve removed the SBLive Value card from my computer, my MIDI interface is now the MOTU Fastlane USB device. I\'ve verified that I have the latest drivers for all my hardware (even Windows Updates), so I\'m not sure where the problem lies.

I guess I\'m just looking to see if other people have experience this too.