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Topic: Keyswitch Control of VOTA question

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    Keyswitch Control of VOTA question

    I just got my VOTA and I\'m pretty revved up.... very happy with the sounds, and am now grappling with how to use the consonants.
    I have a question about how to change the control of consonants from use of lower octave Keyswitching to a continuous controller. I guess I don\'t quite understand keyswitching totally.
    There is a 4 bit dimension in the \"Pitched Keyswitched Consonant\" giga. It has \"keyboard\" as it\'s assigned controller, and it maps different consonants to keys depending on which lower octave key is pressed. If I look at the properties of the giga by right clicking on the giga in the upper left pane of GStudio, I see that there is an assignment for keyswitching there also, with a range of about an octave (maybe more, I can\'t remember). My thinking is that these two are merely different representations of the keyswitching assignment.
    What I\'ve tried to do is to substitute \"CC82\" for \"keyboard\" in the controller assignment for this dimension. It seems to work only marginally, which is strange. I\'d think it would either work or not work. The keyswitching seems still to work perfectly from the virtual keyboard in GStudio (when I click on the low octave keys that are supposed to do the keyswitching, but the continuous controller seems to change consonants only erratically. Consonants played by pressing C3 might change sometimes, but those played by pressing C# might not. I\'m not really quite clear about when the consonants actually change as I haven\'t played with this feature enough, but I\'m pretty sure it\'s not working correctly
    Am I supposed to somehow undo the key dimension that is spelled out in the properties of the giga? Why does the keyswitching from the virtual keyboard still work, if I have changed from \"keyboard\" to cc82 in the 4 bit dimension. I\'m wondering if still having keyswitching working from the keyboard is somehow interfering with the attempt to change consonants with the continuous controller.

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    Re: Keyswitch Control of VOTA question

    Sorry.. I should have checked the post before sending it. I\'ve been a little unclear about what I mean by erratic. I mean to say that for any particular note I\'m trying to play, the changing of consonants (which works fine when using keyswitching) only works sometimes when I try to do it with the newly assigned continuous controller. C and C# were just meant to be examples of notes I might be playing while I try to change the consonants.

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    Re: Keyswitch Control of VOTA question

    Gabriel. You\'re almost there. When you switch the keyswithc dinmension from keyboard to CC88, you must make sure tyo select ALL regions and all velocities and ALL dimensions.

    In the editor next to the velocity mapping there should be a little button with one red box. Click on it until all the boxes within that button are read. Then select all the regions (make them all yellow). Then switch the dimension from Keyboard to CC88. This should take care of it.

    I personally would not program the library this way, but if you feel more comfortable with it, then go for it.

    I suggest watching out if you plan on using the upcoming VotA wordbuilding utility. Programming changes may interfere with some of its features...or future features.

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    Re: Keyswitch Control of VOTA question

    Not as much of an Idiot as I am, having allowed my parents to push a flute on me at age 7 instead of insisted on playing a piano. Now I have to pay the price. There\'s just no realistic way to do keyswitching when playing a woodwind controller. On the other hand, the ww controller does have it\'s advantages, and I\'m just frothing at the bit to try building words on the fly. From what I\'ve experienced so far, word building may not really be possible, except in sequenced music. So far I haven\'t found a way to merge the consonants with the vowels in a convincing way as I\'m improvising. Any hints?

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    Re: Keyswitch Control of VOTA question

    Very clever bit of software.


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    Re: Keyswitch Control of VOTA question

    Wait some time, i\'m doing a wordbuilder program to Vota that can resolve your problem - you enter the text, and then you play the melody and ear the vota sing (in realtime).

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    Re: Keyswitch Control of VOTA question

    Yes, I\'ve seen postings regarding your upcoming \"articulator\" for creating words with Vota, but I was under the impression that it would be usable only from a sequencer. Will it sit inbetween an incoming midi stream from a keyboard (in my case from a woodwind controller) and reinterpret the stream on the fly, or does it have to interact with a sequencer in some way.

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    Re: Keyswitch Control of VOTA question

    I wish I could edit messages once I\'ve posted them. Well, I\'d just better be more careful. I meant to ask if the software you\'re writing will sit between an incoming midi stream and Gigasampler.

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    Re: Keyswitch Control of VOTA question

    Hehe...you *can* edit messages after you post them...just click on the pen and paper icon above your message.


    [QUOTE]Originally posted by gabriels:
    [QB]I wish I could edit messages once I\'ve posted them.

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    Re: Keyswitch Control of VOTA question

    Hey thanks a lot!

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