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Topic: OT: What's your studio signal path?

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    OT: What\'s your studio signal path?

    I run all sound modules, vocals, Dedicated Gigastudio PC, all to a mixer.

    From the mixer\'s SPDIF output, the signal goes into my sequencer/audio recording pc via it\'s SPDIF input. Where I do final mixing, mastering.

    I usually record demos live from the mixer so to speak, but for more serious mixes I record each track 1 at a time. Then do final mixing, mastering on the audio pc.

    Just curious how everyone else records their audio tracks. Thanks...

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    Re: OT: What\'s your studio signal path?


    I \'track\' my giga parts (via ligthpipe) directly into my SX computer - one at a time. For my older Roland gear I am tracking via 1/4\" jack into Tango then to computer (via lightpipe).

    If there is a faster way - I am all ears. It gets the job done and sounds great.


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    Re: OT: What\'s your studio signal path?


    I use giga on a seperate pc, but sequence and mix on the Mac.
    Giga runs on an RME digi96 card, which lightpipes to a Korg Oasys card on the Mac. This connects via spdif to my PT 24 setup (3 farms).
    The PT24 setup has a 1622 and 2x882 for synth inputs; I mix entirely in Protools without a mixer, using a logic control as a control surface.
    The good bit is that what you hear is what you get (no need to set levels when you record), and I can record midi parts by just soloing them and bouncing them in logic. I can also record all parts seperately at the same time.
    Last but not least, you can apply TDM plugins to all the input channels if you want, meaning I can use a lexiverb on one channel and a MCDSP Analog channel on the other; since TDM does processing on the card there is no audible latency.
    Downside is that there is no sound when I don\'t have logic or Protools running, since the mixchannels are created in software.
    Anyway, I\'n not missing a hardware mixer one bit



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    Re: OT: What\'s your studio signal path?

    Munsie, my signal path varies depending on the project, but generally like so:

    Digital Performer 2.7 with MTP/AV USB ganged w/original MTP feeding original 2408. Clock from Genx6, 44.1, all clock cables exact same length.

    Mixer is Mackie d8b feeding the Mackie HDR24/96 or direct back to DP, depending if I will have comp edits. (I keep the editing out of the Mac, it keeps the tracks less fragmented.)

    Giga acts as a module-MIDI from DP to Giga, Gina output, usually S/PDIF to a Zsys Digital Detangler. This is a great piece of gear for those of us with digital mixers with ONE S/PDIF in/out and 5 or 6 pieces of digital audio gear to
    contend for that port.

    Generally my Giga tracks are played one at a time to DP, then mixed back to the same PC into Cool Edit. If it\'s a quick-and-dirty, I;ll run the Giga app AND Cool Edit, the Giga out to S/PDIF and right back into Cool Edit. Surprizingly, I have had almost NO crashes, and no glitches.


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