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Topic: VSL for Kontakt ?

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    VSL for Kontakt ?

    Does anyone know if VSL has plans to port to Kontakt? I did a search on this before asking and sorry if I\'m asking something obvious.

    If VSL has no near term plans for Kontakt, what are some of the likely reasons? I know you can import from Giga to Kontakt, but wouldn\'t some of the VSL programming be problematic to import over?


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    Re: VSL for Kontakt ?

    With Kontakt 1.5.2 VSL imports rather well.

    However using the performance tool becomes trickier if you use Kontakt in VSTi mode. You need to do multiple routings with virtual MIDI calbes to get it to work. But it does work.

    Using Kontakt in Stand alone mode doesn\'t cause any problems with the performance tool (on a PC)

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    Re: VSL for Kontakt ?

    Thanks. I would have never believed the translation for VSL performance tools would prove so straight-forward - even if it requires running Kontakt standalone.

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