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Topic: Tremolo - vibrato - mod unwanted in Gstudio

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    Tremolo - vibrato - mod unwanted in Gstudio

    I love GStudio, and now, I could not live without it, but...I read some complaints about the unwanted problem in GStudio, that happens to me also. Need help, or is that a bug?

    Suddenly, with no reason, ALL MIDI CHANNELS at GS start an unwanted & nasty vibrato, sometimes a light one, and other -to many- times, a heavy one. I tried GS in a \"fresh\" computer just for playback, with nothing else installed on it but GS, and the vibrato-trembling comes up very often. Obviously I tried that, after I was using GS with Logic as a sequencer and thought it might be something to do with it. I disabled all midi messages except notes, and also the same thing happened. So I tried with a \"fresh\" computer.

    I discover something though: in the midi control page on the GStudio, the first fader is assigned by default to \"Mod\". This fader, \"by default\" -nobody knows why- has leveled up a bit in every midi channel with no reason. Even if I, patiently, brought down every fader of every channel of every port (64 total) down, saved as default start page, and worked from then on, the same annoying unwanted tremolo-vibrato-mod comes up whenever you are in the middle of your inspiration. ¡Who likes that!

    Any ideas?

    Thanks for your help,


    Note: I have the last version available of GStudio and I own a Dell Pentium III 1GH with 256 RAM

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    Re: Tremolo - vibrato - mod unwanted in Gstudio


    It is not clear in your message whether or not any of the tracks actually contains vibrato. If this is the case, you are facing exactly the same problem I\'ve previously described, i.e. propagation of vibrato/tremolo from one loaded instrument to all others. This odd behavior affects all instruments where LFO #1 & 3 have been assigned to an external controller with any positive value, even though subsequently reassigned to the internal one, and thus shaded. The only way to get rid of this is to edit all instruments, reassign vibrato/tremolo to the external controller and set the value to zero. Obviously a poor remedy if one needs added vibrato on individual tracks.

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    Re: Tremolo - vibrato - mod unwanted in Gstudio


    Thanks for your reply:

    No I don\'t use any kind of vibrato - I hate it, since I noticed this problem- and I am positive in shutting up ALL midi messages from my Logic EXCEPT NOTE mesages, just in case. And as I mentioned, I also tried GSt in a new fresh computer loaded only with GStudio, in a life situation playing two keyboards, and the same thing happend: here and there a big tremolo, a soft vibrato, in ALL MIDI-CHANNELS at the same time!(and, yes, no modulation wheel was used by any of the keyboards). So it is not a sequencer problem, not a keyboard problem, but GSt problem.

    The guys at Nemesys should say something about it. Thanks again, Giorgio.


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