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Topic: How much for talent?

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    How much for talent?

    I\'ve been talking with some other musicians here in town about creating a couple of specified sample libs. Mostly because there\'s nothing available on the market for what we need. I have some very professional musicians on my short list of people to hire for the sessions. I\'m wondering how much is appropriate to pay these people and how other developers approach talent to do such a project without making them feel like we\'re trying to put them out of work. Any suggestions would be great.

    Also, for some sounds we\'re looking to create we do not have any known talent available. Any special way you guys go about finding such talent?



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    Re: How much for talent?

    You should be able to pay them their usual hourly fee for session work. Most musicians are glad to have some steady work and many are facinated by the sampling process and will really get into it. Most of them seem to realize that they are not getting replaced when a project can afford musicans in the first place. One word of warning, if you are doing any type of guitar or bass with slides, pace those recordings out. You can really kill a persons finger tips by recording lots of slides. Try to find someone who finds the process and concept of being sampled as a very intersting and cool thing if possible. The VSL guys really collaborated intensely with their musicians and learned what the instruments could do and the sessions turned into \"paid practice\" sessions in the end. I hear the Vienna Ensembles litterally improved as a result of having to play loud to soft, the full range of their instrument, \"perfectly\" with all the techniques.

    Have fun

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