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Topic: Gigastudio. A failure tale ?

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    Gigastudio. A failure tale ?

    I was fond of this product. I shared the overall attitude that, though on a neverending beta stage, Gigastudio represented the ultimate approach to sampling. This seems an overenthusiastic view. Gigastudio\'s strength is the ability to reproduce samples of unlimited length. Is this enough? The software is affected by conceptual limitations as well as by serious bugs which may preclude professional use. Reliability is low and overall performance (ex. polyphony) unpredictable. Sound processing is poor, basically limited to simple bandpass filtering. But the poor software design actually emerges from a remarkably inefficient debugging process. Since the first release, no single serious bug has been addressed. I recently discovered that vibrato and tremolo applied to one instrument actually propagate to all others, if the vibrato/tremolo option is activated by the editor. Did you notice this? This makes multiple instruments performances virtually unusable.
    From Nemesys, no response on this topic. The same applies to many serious bugs reported by others. Oddly enough, the audience seems to be poorly responsive too.
    Does it mean we don\'t expect anything concrete from Nemesys to improve their/our product ?

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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    Re: Gigastudio. A failure tale ?

    Maybe the W2K version, promised for Winter Namm (18-21 Jan, 6320 Hall A) will include the bug cleanup needed. Probably introduce some new one\'s too ....:-)

    What the heck...it\'s Christmas.
    Merry things to you all.

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    Re: Gigastudio. A failure tale ?

    Hmm. This seems to be another personal experience that for some reason has lead the victim to proclaim that the entire venure that seems to went amiss must be a lost cause. I\'ve observed that this strange phenomenon is limited to the software world, after all I can\'t remember the last time someone cursing the entire line of EMU or Roland samplers because they had trouble with their new purchase. Don\'t kid yourself Sir, Gigastudio is so engrained into the top professional ranks of audio/midi production and sampling that it\'s already hard to imagine a high-tech studio without atleast one elaborate setup. Does the system have bugs? Offcoarse! Do the bugs involve system stability, reliability, or some other professionally critical function? No! The only time I came across a serious crash is when I uninstalled Gigasampler incorrectly and ran Gigastudio for the first time and it responded with the deadly blue screen crash. Simple filtering vs Advanced filtering? Is this a serious bug or a possible feature in the future? I don\'t think Nemesys ever marketed their sampler as a sophisticated synthesizer/sampler combination, it is primerly a sample-playback system, adding enormous amounts of sophisticated filtering, oscillators and envelopes would only negate the advantage of low latency. Hardware samplers with their monster DSP chips are much better at this. Vibrator/Tremelo across all channels? I\'ve never come across this, it sounds like a sequencer issue. I\'ve poked into every conceivable corner of the GSEditor and have come across 1 major and 1 minor bug, the major was addressed with the last patch. I can only imagine that with time Nemesys will address all of the actual bugs (and I stress \'actual\' because %80 of the bugs being reported on this forum, while myself not sure %100, sound like either a system hardware or sequencer problem) The challenge will be to weed out what\'s really a bug and what is not. This whole thing is being run on a platform (PC+Win) that is like an interconnected minefield, you install a new driver and half the time you\'re not aware that it replaced a crucial .dll file that might make your sequencer go haywire and in turn cause Gigastudio to appear that it is not working. This is really possible and can be a cause for a lot of frustration.

    F. Juma.

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    Re: Gigastudio. A failure tale ?


    I appreciate your constructive mood. What I contest is the widespread attitude of formal optimism, often based on wishful thinking rather than on thoroughly scientific approach.
    The endless list of bugs continuosly reported by experienced users since Gigasampler\'s epoque does indicate at least that Nemesys is more devoted to new delopments, easier to advertise, rather than on serious debugging of what they sold as a non-beta software. What you do not seem to appreciate is the fact we paid money for a product which still requires all us to concentrate more on technical aspects of debugging rather than on musical production, as demonstrated by 3984 posts under the voice \"software issues/solutions\" . Under this respect the Gigastudio saga is that of a very bad failure.
    Coming back to the problem I reported, that is, propagation of tremolo/vibrato to all loaded instruments with tremolo/vibrato enabled, it is definitely NOT related to sequencer issues. It can be easily demonstrated by driving two instruments on two different channels by the same midi keyboard. The tremolo/vibrato spread does occur for all instrument where it has been enabled by an external controller (modwheel or aftertouch), even if subsequently disabled and rerouted to the internal controller. I would be very glad to learn that all this is due to my particular setting, but it does not look as anybody has thoroughly investigated this and reported it as a false problem. Moreover, I would expect Nemesys should clarify the issue by giving an authoritative answer to my question. Unfortunately, as always, a deep silence.

    Best regards,

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    Re: Gigastudio. A failure tale ?

    I\'m wondering if Nemesys still exists. I\'ve sent three requests of assistance, clearly describing the above problem, together with complete diagnostics. After about one month I didn\'t get any reply.


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    Re: Gigastudio. A failure tale ?

    Having the same problems old boy ! I\'ve wasted hours on this. Pulling machines to pieces and re-building them is not my idea of fun. I\'m trying to create decent music
    rather than spend time pulling my hair out. What do I get? samples that give mod wheel wobble or vibrato intermitantly for no reason
    whatsover. Phah ! Come on you guys at nemesys admit there is a problem \'cos there damn well is one.

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    Re: Gigastudio. A failure tale ?

    There\'s obviously a problem with Gigastudio applying (at least) vibrato controller info across more than the intended channel.

    Does anyone know if vibrato applied to an instrument on PORT one gets applied to instruments on the other three ports?

    If it doesn\'t, maybe, merely as a workaround, you could \'isolate\' the instruments requiring vibrato on its own port.

    If you aren\'t using the mod wheel, and there\'s no mod wheel controller data appearing in the sequencer track windows, have a look for aftertouch controller data. In some patches aftertouch is used to bring in vibrato just like the mod wheel.

    I get a little \'heavy handed\' sometimes and have ended up filtering aftertouch data at the sequencer. That way I know it\'s not getting sent out by accident.

    As a last resort you could edit the affected GS patches so that they don\'t respond to controllers with any vibrato at all (although this is a pretty extreme limitation on the patch).

    Good luck

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    Re: Gigastudio. A failure tale ?

    Hi Rackthemout and Chadwick.

    Unfortunately, vibrato/tremolo simultaneously affects all instruments independently of the Midi controller used.
    So it doesn\'t help if you\'re using the breath controller instead of the mod wheel.
    Disabling vibrato/tremolo is the only effective but clearly unacceptable alternative.

    It would be nice to hear from Nemesys though.



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    Re: Gigastudio. A failure tale ?


    I have to disagree. I am a new user to GigaStudio 160 and have invested several thousand dollars on hardware to run it and of course the samples. I have found it to be nothing but awesome and breath taking. We are a major publisher who saves millions of dollars a year by utilizing the sounds to cut down on the cost of studio time and live players. You must have adequate and up-to-date hardware. I have a P4, 256 RDRAM running nothing but the GS and a separate computer running CakeWalk Pro to record the tracks, mix and cut to CD. Just finished one of our first orchestrations and it was nothing short of realistic.

    Good luck and hope you can find something that even comes close.

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    Re: Gigastudio. A failure tale ?

    Nothing short of realistic, OK... I\'ll hold you to that Can you post a demo or preview or something to prove it? )

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