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Topic: Recording Release Samples

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    Recording Release Samples

    Howdy All,
    Im currently working on a sampling project...(Fender Rhodes Stage MKI)...and im having questions popping up about recording releases...WHATS THE BEST WAY TO DO THIS...Im confused as to what technique I should use to get accurate release samples (i.e. the hammer\'s returnig to the UNdepressed position) and how do I match the release trigger to the appropriate velocity...meaning...when you strike a note the release is going to be different...depending on how long the note has been sustaining...(i.e. stacatto notes versus sustained notes)...is there anyway for the giga platform to accomodate this??? I apologize if my meager intimation is confusing..I appreciate all information you could provide!

    Take care,

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    Re: Recording Release Samples

    Funny you should ask that....lately I\'\'ve been trying to get the same information!

    And you\'re in Orlando too!!!!

    Must be something in the air.

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    Re: Recording Release Samples

    MUST BE SOMETHING IN THE AIR!!! ...Actually, school is out so...back home for the summer! YEAH!

    So...Can any of you developers out there give us some advice on this topic?


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    Re: Recording Release Samples

    Nahhh! I\'m in Maitland and I am not at all interested in how to do release samples [grin].

    -- Martin

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    Re: Recording Release Samples

    Thanks Everyone!!!!


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    Re: Recording Release Samples


    I don\'t know if there is any way to alter the release sample depending on how long your note durations are. It would essentially require that Gigasampler be aware of your playing and it\'s really not designed to do that quite yet.

    I think you\'re going to have to find a happy medium duration-wise and go with that. I think that you\'ll be limited to different velocities of release samples. What I think Scarbee was referring to was a global setting that tells Giga when and how long to trigger the release sample.

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    Re: Recording Release Samples

    There is a hair-brained control for adjusting release sample volume depending on time. It doesn\'t really work, though. I have made suggestions to Tascam about this matter and am hopeful that they will include this in version 3. Release samples are a bastard.

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    Re: Recording Release Samples

    the release control is rather hair brained [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    They need a seconds control on that sucker not a bar slider...

    Anyhow. There is the possiblity of building a layered instrument with different release control times. But you will run into the problem of getting two release samples triggered for staccatto notes. This could sound pretty bad with the phasing/chorusing effectsit can cause.

    There is the possibility of makign more than 2 splits with the release triggers...but it doesn\'t do anything...too bad that could be cool for something like this

    What you may want to do is make a dimension keyswitch mod wheel or something that switches between two different release triggers and the same sustain samples.

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    Re: Recording Release Samples

    I\'ll keep working with it...see if I can push the envelope of what can be pumped out of the giga-platform...I am most beholden to you who have helped!

    With humble and sincere gratitude...

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    Re: Recording Release Samples

    Hi J.P. Schwinghamer:

    I would like to help you out, but it would be a little stupid [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] since I am currently working on a similar Rhodes library too... [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

    Good luck


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