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Topic: Bardstown Baldwin sample

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    Bardstown Baldwin sample

    I\'ve seen mention of this project in the works for quite some time on Kip\'s website... When can we expect it to be available (KIP???)

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    Re: Bardstown Baldwin sample

    The Baldwin SD10 concert grand piano will be available sometime later in the fall.

    I very much appreciate your interest!

    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: Bardstown Baldwin sample

    I too would love to have this instrument for two-piano works and transcriptions. I love the bosendorfer, and I am certain that this piano will just as great!

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    Re: Bardstown Baldwin sample

    When I bought my Bosendorfer from Kip (which sounds great, by the way) I went to his studio to pick it up since I live close to him. He let me play the Baldwin he\'s going to sample and it sounds GREAT! I can\'t wait until he gets it done and I\'ll be the first in line to buy it.


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