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Topic: Should I buy a GS to have the ultimate piano sound

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    Should I buy a GS to have the ultimate piano sound

    Hi everybody !

    I plan to start a recording project with classical piano pieces recorded with Midi stuff. (for single note edition).

    So Is GS reliable enough.

    I mean with a P3 733 256 ram + a sound card
    that I would run in midi from an external mac + performer or cubase.

    Can I really play rolled chords, sustained chords, very fast notes and so on without computer crashes ?

    Help !!! I was wondering about buying a yamaga DGT 7 silent piano.

    I don\'t care about PC stuff, audio recording stuff. All I\'dlike to know if running the Eastwest giga piano steinway B is reliable...

    (recording of Rachmaninov pieces...)

    My very best regards to all the users of this forum.


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    Re: Should I buy a GS to have the ultimate piano sound

    Yes, GigaStudio is reliable enough for this. You will definitely want GS 160 for the polyphony. 96 is not enough for thick chords while holding the sustain pedal down.

    I have the following set up:
    Pentium 600Mhz
    256MB RAM
    SoundBlaster Live!
    Cakewalk 9.03
    GigaStudio 160
    EastWest Steinway B sample
    2 7200 hard drives (one for programs and one for samples)

    Even though the SoundBlaster Live! is not GSIF compatible, it works great.

    I have just completed a three month project with this set up with no major problems. You will definitely want to have 2 fast 7200 hard drives with DMA turned on.

    BTW, the EastWest Steinway B sample is the best piano sample IMO.


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    Re: Should I buy a GS to have the ultimate piano sound

    Thanks very much brian.

    Do you think it would be possible for me to hear just a few example of what you\'ve recorded : I mean just a mp3 sound file not bigger than 1MB.
    So that I could compare with what I can get with a Roland JV 2080 + session card and Kurweil micro piano I both own.

    Thanks a lot.

    My very best regards and merry Christmas from France.



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