As someone who is just about to enter into the world of producing commercial samples I\'m obviously reading much of the current discussions about price etc.
my own feelings have always been that if the likes of Bill Gates etc. had produced a decent product at a sensible price such as Office at £50 instead of £500 then piracy would decrease considerably.
I buy much software at the asked for price because I want/need the reassurance of a bonafide product together with support if something goes wrong.
Thus I feel that my own forthcoming libraries will be offered at an affordable price but most importantly with a 121 back up service for problems and or the need for specialist additions alterations which would be charged at a mutually agreed rate.
Of course, this is never going to stop the guy who wants everything for free but then again, that\'s life - I might have fabulous house with all the trimmings which I have worked hard for but there will always be the lazy bastard whose attitude is why shouldn\'t he have it as well. The problem is that they can never understand that one endeavours to achieve the fulfillment of ones wishes by the priorities one sets on them.
Of course I\'d love to be able to sell my work at some fantastic price but then again, as the price rises, the piracy risks increase correspondingly and to my mind it is better to sell 100 products at £50 than 5 at £1000.
I\'m not prepared to work for free and hope that people will appreciate that but by the same token I also realise that overcharging for a product will only lead to the temptation to steal.
Conversly, it is also important not to undervalue either oneself or any product that one wishes to sell.
I also feel that the correct product support and \"freebie bonuses\" for bonafide purchasers should encourage people to buy rather than steal.