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Topic: .art files

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    .art files

    Reading some forum topics I hit the expression .art files. By my understanding those
    files with the file extension .art are used in the movie industry for camera and other object parameters.

    How do .art files relate to GS. Links with more data or examples?

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    Re: .art files

    ART file=all the settings (filters, lfo, pans, etc.) of a .gig file, but without the samples.

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    Re: .art files

    I belive .art is an abbreviation for Articulation [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: .art files


    Eliam summed it up, but you should also go here:


    Download the tutorial that\'s listed under \"Giga News\". It will really help you understand what\'s going on with .art files (as well as a lot of other great stuff).

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    Re: .art files

    Thanks for the hints. They were very helpful!

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