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Topic: OT: Can I use Absynth with Cakewalk PA9?

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    OT: Can I use Absynth with Cakewalk PA9?

    My question is really can I run absynth with Cakewalk PA9? I want to record midi tracks with Absynth but can\'t seem to configure my soundcard correctly. I\'m using a Delta 1010 along with my Mackie 1202 vlz mixer.

    Here\'s what I have been doing:
    Opening up Cakewalk and assigning the Delta midi in ports and Delta midi out ports, obviously not to the Nemesys ports, just midi in and out.
    Then when I go to open up Absynth, it says \"Error: No Midi Selected\" or something of that nature.
    I have routed Absynth to my Delta midi in, but still no dice.
    However, I can play absynth by itself on my keyboard but can\'t seem to get it to work with Cakewalk.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: OT: Can I use Absynth with Cakewalk PA9?

    Hi, Damon!
    I remember making a softsynth work with sonar witch was a vst instrument. I just installed the midi-out for the vst synth that was originally meant for cubase. I was able to use a separate midi-out for the softsynth and it worked fine. I\'m not sure if it will work with PA9, though.

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    Re: OT: Can I use Absynth with Cakewalk PA9?

    Damon: Did you try the DirectXizer?

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