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Topic: Gigastudio/Logic Audio

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    Gigastudio/Logic Audio

    Hi there

    I´m having this problem with my gigastudio/logic audio configuration. I have a brand new Echo Darla24 soundcard, which works excellent with Logic Audio and there´s no problem using Darla24 with Gigastudio. But when I start Logic (having Gigastudio running of course) I get this message:

    Asio: out of memory (-994)

    This means midi stops working inside Logic.

    Could anyone maybe have the slightest idea how I should solve this \"little annoying\" problem?

    Merry Christmas


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    Re: Gigastudio/Logic Audio

    I had all sorts of ASIO error messages when I tried to get Logic and Giga running on my PIII800 with 256mb ram.

    I think you\'ll find that ASIO relates not so much to the midi side of Logicm but to the audio side.

    As recording audio wasn\'t a total necessity, my music system retailer DISABLED the audio side of Logic.

    This enabled midi recording, but of course I now miss out on groovy VST plugins like the B$ and Pro52.

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    Re: Gigastudio/Logic Audio

    I use Logic 4.0 with GStudio -with SoundScape Mixtreme card-, and had no problems at all; all midi tracks work well and also a few audio tracks running, except when -I think- I run out of memory and Logic says: \"your CPU is too slow and will stop playing audio\". I use a different card -an Audiowerk- only for Logic. And I own a Pentium III 1GH and 256 of RAM...

    Life is not easy. Good luck


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