Am I a geek? Hmmm... hope not, but here\'s what I\'ve been doing, trying to familiarize myself with the palate of vowel sounds available with Nuno\'s Vota Utility.

a e E i o O u M!

ae eE Ei io oO Ou uM!
aE ei Eo iO ou OM!
ai eo EO iu oM!
ao eO Eu iM!
aO eu EM!
au eM!

M!u uO Oo oi iE Ee ea
M!O uo Oi oE ie Ea
M!o ui OE oe ia
M!i uE Oe oa
M!E ue Oa
M!e ua

aeE aei aeo aeO aeu aeM!
aEe aEi aEo aEO aEu aEM!
aie aiE aio aiO aeu aeM!
aoe aoE aoi aoO aou aoM!
aOe aOE aOi aOo aou aoM!
aue auE aui auo auO auM!
aM!e aM!E aM!i aM!o aM!O aM!u

Maybe more of youse could do similar geekish work, so that we\'d all get to speak Vota better in less time.

Another thought on how to proceed. Does anyone have the skills necessary to produce:
1. A utility that would generate all possible combinations of two phonemes (is that what they would be called? ... you know, either vowels or consonants) That way we could just cull through them all and pick the useful ones. Same for three at a time, etc.

2. A utility that generates a whole bunch of random words with the Vota phonemes. Again, you\'d cull through them and keep the useful ones. Several of the librarian/editors for synths have this feature. You let the utility do it\'s thing, and it generates, say 50 patches at a time, varying things like attack and decay parameters, filter settings, waveforms, etc etc. Then you listen to the results, one patch at a time, and keep what you like. It\'s a very powerful way of getting some unique patches you might never have thought of, and would have it\'s application in this setting as well.