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Topic: VOTA ending consonants

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    VOTA ending consonants

    Using the new VOTA utility, I\'m not getting any ending consonants to sound. For instance, trying to get:

    \"School is such fun\", I type
    \"skOl iz suj fun\", and it sounds like (phonetically)

    \"skoo iiii suuuuu fuuuuuu...\"

    So then I retype removing the ending consonants and putting them as beginning ones as follows:

    \"skO li zsu jfun\" which sounds fine then EXCEPT, of course, the last \'n\' doesn\'t sound.

    I\'ve added extra ending consonants to keep them \"looping\", as instructed in \'HELP\', even to the point of \"jfunnnnnnnnnnnn\"--but can never get an ending consonant to sound at all.

    What am I doing wrong?


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    Re: VOTA ending consonants

    I think that you are doing everything right, so what could be wrong (to be honest i didn\'t have the time to try it)?

    - Maybe the consonants are there, but it could be masked by the release of the vowels. Try to increase the velocity value using <> (ex: \"fun<120>\")

    - There are some keyboards that use a noteon with velo=0, instead of noteoff message. Are you using a keyboard or a sequencer? If a keyboard, try to use a sequencer, to see if that\'s the problem...

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    Re: VOTA ending consonants

    First of all, it should be noted that sibilants at the end of words are audible without any special treatment.

    Also, I also noticed that T at the beginning of words doesn\'t work. Note the H<30> in \"to\". It\'s kinda not exactly right, but it\'s a start.

    Here\'s a way to make ending consonants audible (I did try substituting real note offs for note ons with 0 velocity (which my keyboard does put out by default). I used MidiOx to do the substitution. But this didn\'t make any difference.

    K<120>umM!$u<75> TH<30>t<120>O Mm<120>M<120>aE HaOS<120>

    Anyway,in the case of the first Vota word above, I use a neutral sounding u at reduced velocity. I guess this works because now, the m is no longer at the end of the word, and it sounds out, then the M!$u<75> puts a bit of a vocalized noun at the end of the word. You know, when we say come, I think we actually put a bit of a vowel on the end of the word anyway.
    I suppose I could hone down the Vota-ization of the words I\'m posting here. I just keep experimenting with building words, and when I get something that sounds ok, I tend to just keep it, though sometimes I\'ll go back into it and delete or alter portions of it to see if all the extra phonemes are necessary.

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