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Topic: Vota Util Samples and Memory Used

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    Vota Util Samples and Memory Used

    This seems like a great opportunity to calibrate memory usage between Giga users.
    If you have loaded only the instruments that the Vota Utility requires (8 vowels instruments and 2 consonant instruments for each of the male and female choirs), I\'d like to know if you get a reading of 68% memory usage as I do.

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    Re: Vota Util Samples and Memory Used

    I get about that with only one of the genders loaded. I\'ve got 516meg of RAM.


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    Re: Vota Util Samples and Memory Used

    I get 68% with only the Men\'s Choir loaded. Do you have 1GB of RAM Gabriels ?
    512 RAM , WIN XP

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    Re: Vota Util Samples and Memory Used

    oops, sorry, yes, I do have 1 Gig.

    It looks as if I\'m going to have to add another workstation now. The choir is very beautiful, and the Vota Utility makes it all the more desirable. With 1 Gig, I can just about load the strings, brass, and winds I use as well, but I believe when I start playing in earnest (and in real time), with layered choirs, strings, winds and brass, I\'m going to find the polyphony (at 160) not adequate. I\'m just finishing my midi setup which involves using several instances of MidiOx to help in routing issues. When that\'s done, I\'ll see what the story is with polyphony.

    This makes me wonder, again, if Tascam is considering dropping the streaming from hard disk as the Itanium and Hammer chips make it into the market. Memory will no longer be an issue (other than a financial one.... and even the money to run an orchestra from RAM should be within reach in the forseeable future. Wouldn\'t this make dropouts, clicks, pops, etc a thing of the past, even with huge instruments? You\'d think it might make GS more stable as well. Anyone have any thoughts about this?

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    Re: Vota Util Samples and Memory Used

    Until then, I am just using (say MC EE) for getting ideas down and then going back and recording the utility choir (tracking to Audio in SX). While it is not ideal it gets the job done.

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    Re: Vota Util Samples and Memory Used

    I\'d always render the choir to a wave file and work with that

    If I need to adjust timing I can cut the words into different phrases and trigger them with a newly built GigaInstrument with only those.

    Another thing I thought about was taht you could build instruments with the words sung at low expression only and then at high expression only, then build layered Gigainstruments to get EXP control after you build the words [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Quite a bit of a memory saver [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] ....since there\'s quite a bit less samples.

    Maybe I\'ll build \"lite\" versions of the instruments stretched at 3rds or somethign, for realtime use with other instruments

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    Re: Vota Util Samples and Memory Used

    Please expand a little on your thoughts. I think I grasp some of what you\'re saying, and it makes a lot of sense.

    What I think you might be driving at seems to relate to the somewhat non-understandability of the words a choir sings. You can tell they are words, but often you can\'t really tell what they are saying. Given that, i suppose you could create a limited number of words in the utility... then somehow figure out which samples are not being used and do a limited save of just the ones that _are_ being used.

    On the other hand, maybe you could say more about the idea of extracting the wavs. How does that aid in saving memory.. or are you saying you\'d record words and make them into wavs to be used as individual samples... maybe with regions wider than chromatic regions. I sense something here I don\'t fully understand, but want to learn more about.

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    Re: Vota Util Samples and Memory Used

    oh no, [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I mean I\'d render the words for a particular song down after I\'ve worked out most of the melody [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    IT would be WAY too hectic to try and make words that you\'d commonly use.

    Waht I do when working out melodies is use either one basic vowe, or use the keyswitch instrument to get vowel ideas down while writing.

    Then I go into the util to work the actual words out.

    Then I\'d render the vocals of the song to another wave file.

    The other ideas are just \"thoughts\" if you want control after this point.

    Obviously the best option, if you have the money, is to get a computer deditcated to VotA and Giga, that has 1 gig of Ram.

    I seriously want about 5 giga machines!

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