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Topic: Movie Trailor Music

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    Movie Trailor Music

    Hi Everyone-
    I am desperate to locate a piece of music that I heard during a movie trailor. The music plays during the trailor for the movie \"Unfaithful\". It\'s an orchestral piece (lots of strings) and very dramatic. I have looked into the original soundtrack for the movie, and that piece is not on there. I have even gone to such lengths to record the commercial and take it to music stores, but no one is familiar with that piece so far. If anyone knows what the piece of music is and where I can get it, I\'d appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

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    Re: Movie Trailor Music

    I\'m sure the one you\'re talking about is by E.S. Posthumus, from a CD titled Unearthed. I think it\'s track 06 (\"Nara\").


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    Re: Movie Trailor Music

    Cindy, look at www.soundtrack.net

    They got a database of used trailer music.


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    Re: Movie Trailor Music

    Hey, an actual female member! Welcome Cindy.

    As soon as I read the above I was laughing. Yet another E.H. track in a trailer.

    Hey, what I want to know, who did the trailer music for \"Daredevil\". Anybody want to cop to it? The style and mix sounds VERY familiar. Bet I know who...
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    Re: Movie Trailor Music

    Cindy!! Hey, Im glad you came here. Like I said to you over the phone...there are many here that could help you in your search!

    Take care
    Audio Visions
    Wilmington DE

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    Re: Movie Trailor Music

    Nick Phoenix is the man. He does trailer music for a living in addition to the great libraries. You will find his posts all over the place and be able to get his attention if your question has not been answered. Welcome to the forum

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    Re: Movie Trailor Music

    Hey Everyone-
    Thanks for all your help. I am 10 times closer to
    finding my piece of music than I was before. And thanks for being so welcoming-what a great group of people! Kudos to my connection in Delaware, without whom I never would have found you guys!

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    Re: Movie Trailor Music

    Ok everyone-
    I have more questions in regards to all of your responses.
    A) Is it E.H. Posthumus or E.S. Posthumus?
    B) Where can I purchase this CD? Barnes and Noble didn\'t seem to have it and neither did Cdnow.com
    C) How do I get in touch with this Nick Phoenix guy?
    Thanks again for your attention to my problem!

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    Re: Movie Trailor Music

    A) E.S. Posthumus

    B) At the link I posted above, http://www.wigshoprecords.com

    C) Nick visits this forum all the time

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