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Topic: VotA Question?

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    VotA Question?


    Fixed. LOL

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    Re: VotA Question?

    OK!! It\'s bad enough that I mis spell the subject line (QUESTION) but then I forget to paste
    the question!!! HA ha ha....get me out of here!!!!! [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]

    Hey all!

    I haven\'t had the chance to get this new word update happing yet...
    Anyway, I\'m stuck at the studio today (burning CD\'s...how fun is that?) and I am thinking about the utility.

    How does it work? I mean, to you type in a word and then play your keyboard and it does what now?

    LOL... just trying to picture all in my head.


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    Re: VotA Question?


    The utility allows you to type in \'words\' the are played in the order. Once you have loaded up MC and WC in the suggested order, the differenct samples (vowels/consonants) are accessed via controller / sequencer.

    An over-simplification of what Nuno has done, but you\'ll see when you set it up.

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    Re: VotA Question?

    Have you tried contacting the developer of VOTA via their website?

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    Re: VotA Question?

    Nope! Nick, has a web site now?
    What is it? Wana link his from mine.

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    Re: VotA Question?

    Hey 5 stars??? Cool! Who rated me? King? You big lug, ya!! HAHAHAHAA

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    Re: VotA Question?

    When you write a sheetmusic for choir, you put the lyrics under your notes (syllable by syllable). The utility makes something similar, you write the lyrics syllable by syllable (the only difference it\'s that you write as they sound and not as they are written)

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    Re: VotA Question?

    What is the suggested order of loading the Men or Woman? A E. I. O. U. M or?


    So far...I cant get it to say much at all [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]
    But I need to learn more about it first.

    By the way ... we just finished the recording and mastering of a 50 piece choir CD ... there are a ton of performance samples (Gloria, Glory, Amen)
    that I hope to rip and convert into a Giga instrument. I will be sharing it with any who may want it.

    Email me. [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

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    Re: VotA Question?

    The order is:
    - vowel in ch 1 to 8 (with the same order as they apear in gigastudio
    - pitched c in ch 9
    - non-pitched c in ch 10

    Read the help several times, and you will learn a lot...
    Good luck

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    Re: VotA Question?


    For some reason, in my giga my vowels are listed backwards (first vowel is listed last). I would suggest to all that you load the vowels as they are listed in the utility (right above the area where we type in the votox. I believe that is the correct order. Right, Nuno?

    Just to check - we are loading the individual Vowels (i.e. ahMOD C1/C#1). Correct?

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