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Topic: Scoring with Percussive Adventures

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    Scoring with Percussive Adventures

    Does anyone use the Roland Variphrase with Percussive Adventures?

    If not, do you do set tempos with time stretch algorithims or pitch transposition in the sampler?

    What techniques do you guys use?

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    Re: Scoring with Percussive Adventures

    I think it\'d pretty much depend on how much damage the times stretching does (delay artifacts) and how much detuning the sounds can bear. Both methods will get you to the right tempo, but time stretching does a better job when it\'s speeding up a pattern rather than slowing it down, becauase when it speeds things up it\'s just throwing audio out, whereas when it\'s slowing down it has to insert slices. The further below the original tempo you get, the more obvious the artifacts. Straight pitch shifting won\'t give you delay artifacts, but the sound can change quite a bit, perhaps causing the character of the tracks to change from \'aggressive and punchy\' to just plain sloppy. It pretty much depends on the arrangement you\'re writing.

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    Re: Scoring with Percussive Adventures

    Well I also use things like recycle and Acid to address time issues. Not to mention my own breed of splicing and Xfading I\'ve been creating with all the crazy sample editing I do.

    In the giga version you are also given some one shots to mess around with and seperate layers (hi hats, hi percussion, low percussion, snare...etc)that form the full performances that can each take differently to different types of pitch shifting/stretching.

    It also helps that I like mangling things up anyways [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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