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Topic: sconverter

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    why sconverter from gigasampler 1.6 was converting my akai cds, now sconverter built in gs160 says \"unknown format\"?

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    Re: sconverter

    If you put a gigasampler format disk in the CD drive, S-converter says that it doesn\'t recognise the format (!).

    You don\'t need S-converter for .gig format files. Just drag them off the cd onto your disk drive using the normal windows drag \'n drop or copy routines.

    If S-converter isn\'t recognising AKAI disks you used to use, maybe someone else has a clue.

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    Re: sconverter

    Your akai CDs should not read \'unknown format\' when you put them in. What happens is automatically it will say \"Reading Partition\" after you load your akai disc and your akai sounds should appear in the box on the lower left hand screen of the port one page on your CD Drive. Are you having trouble with all of your akai CDs or just a certain one?
    If you\'re having trouble with all of them, you might want to call Kevin at Nemesys.

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    Re: sconverter

    i\'m haveing probs with all of them, and all of them worked with gsampler\'s old sconvert..
    ... ok... thanks

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