After getting my utility up and running this AM, I can\'t help but see the potential for us to share what we develop individually.

Specifically, I think it would be useful to post what new votox \'words\' we all come up with.

I was working on a piece this morning. To start this off, here\'s a few of the words I came up with that sounded terrific in the mix (mixing vowels and pitched and non-pitched consonants can be a little tricky.)

Glo rr!EE (Glory)

DEE a Tee (Diety)

Hoo saa nnaa (Hosana)

This is a simple beginning, and I am sure others could make them sound even better, but its a start.

Everyone could set up a \'word document\' for this dictionary and cut and paste what is needed OR we could have a \'pull-down\' menu in the utility itself.

Any comments?