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Topic: New gigs at Worra's Place

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    New gigs at Worra\'s Place

    It\'s been a while and the \"Gig\'s of the week\" has been more of a \"Gig of the month\".... but I\'ve finally gotten around to update my site.
    Two new gigs are now availible for downloading:

    Picked Lapharp from Ken Theriot and Glasstrax Tambourine from John Thomas

    Get it from www.worrasplace.com

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    Re: New gigs at Worra\'s Place

    Thank you Worra for maintaining such a cool place!!! You are truly one of a kind!!!

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    Re: New gigs at Worra\'s Place

    And thanks to Ken and John Thomas for their work and sharing.

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    Re: New gigs at Worra\'s Place

    I\'ll try to get the site updated once a week, but I need something to update it with, sooooo..... Remember to contribute [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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