Many of you are probably not familiar with Chance Thomas, who will be interviewed for Gary G\'s \"Meet the Artist\" in his part of this forum. Chance is your basic all around composer for all multimedia, but he is best known for his game scores...till now. He writes:

\"According to a story published Tuesday in Variety, \"The ChubbChubbs\" - an animated short film for which I produced the songs and score - will be opening worldwide for STUART LITTLE 2 when it hits theaters on July 19.
The ChubbChubbs is already opening for MEN IN BLACK 2 on nearly 3000 theater screens throughout North America.\"

Chance writes mainly for live orchestra, and you can find some of \"The ChubbChubbs\" music at this location:

Fish around at that site for more music and information about HUGE and his live orchestra sessions.
Chance also says:
\"Persistence does pay off...! Opportunities inevitably come...! Life is good...!\"

The site above is your opportunity to learn a bit about Chance and his music, which will lead to some interesting questions for him when his interview comes up.