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Topic: Midi #1 Modulation controller and Gigastudio

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    Midi #1 Modulation controller and Gigastudio

    As I previously reported, at least on my system, midi #1 modulation controller on any individual channel elicits a consensual response on other channels. This means that when I add modulation on one instrument, all others get vibrato at the same time. This occurs with Cubase 3.72, and other sequencers (SmartScore) as well. By checking the midi control surface of the other channels I could verify that no midi #1 is apparently received. Vibrato appears, though. Any explaination ?
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    Re: Midi #1 Modulation controller and Gigastudio

    I have had the same problem all the time both with Gigasampler and Studio. It\'s really annoying because if I accidentally add a little modulation I have to go in and check each part in Cubase to find out where it is so I can get rid of it, or it\'ll **** up the whole song.

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    Re: Midi #1 Modulation controller and Gigastudio

    This behavior is definitely not related to Cubase, since it occurs with Sibelius as well.

    If confirmed by others, this represents a very serious bug, which may preclude real time use of Gigastudio. All users who experienced the same behavior should report it, to clarify whether it is bound to some peculiar setting or is a general phenomenon.

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    Re: Midi #1 Modulation controller and Gigastudio

    Further investigation showed that the problem is due to the fact that Gigastudio actually extends vibrato to all loaded instruments, rather than to midi controller #1. I could demonstrate this by creating new instruments where vibrato was controlled by aftertouch, or even disabled.
    It seems odd that this very serious bug has not been previously reported. I\'m using instruments where all samples are vibrato-free, and that\'s probably why I could easily detect this phenomenon.

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