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Topic: Problems - Solutions- Help appreciated please.

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    Problems - Solutions- Help appreciated please.

    I seem to be getting a recurring problem when running Giga studio.

    The product is fully purchased and licenced, Norton Utilities and all other troubleshooters report zero problems in any shape or form, I defrag and scan regularly.

    I\'m running an Athlon 2100+ with 2 x 80 Gb Maxtor Hds\', 512 RRDram, 64 mb Graphics plus CDR etc.etc.

    I bring in samples at 48/16 from DAT and using a mixture of Fast Eddi, SampleVision and Sound Forge create excellent samples without discernable loops, filtered, cut and stored under totally different file names etc.

    I then go to GS and sometimes I get a perfect result but at other times the whole bloody thing states that I have some bad wave links which have been fixed but then crashes and on reboot freezes the system. A scan and playback through all programs shows this not to be the case and they play perfectly. However, GS defaults to kicking out all waveforms/samples added in a particular preset and I\'m left with sod all apart from the original samples readable in all other programs.

    The computer seizes up with fatal error messages as soon as a preset from GS is loaded yet scans show no problem yet again. A diagnostic check of GS shows nil problems.

    Another time I\'ll create a complete sound and it remains saved and loadable and playable without problems.

    Both hard drives are perfect when scanned and checked as is memory and everything else!!!, There are no system flaws whatsoever. Intel reckons it\'s the crappy Athlon chip yet it does the same on another machine with an Intel chip (though less RAM and lesser HD).

    Before I throw all my machines through the window (whilst making sure I have backed up everything valuable) can anyone shed any light on this please.


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    Re: Problems - Solutions- Help appreciated please.

    I\'ve yet to create my own samples so I\'ve never been in your situation. The only time GS does funny things to me is if I have a CD in the drive that doesn\'t have Giga or Wav files. It might then crash after scanning the CD drive for new sounds.

    I know it\'s a long shot but I just wanted to make sure you didn\'t have a CD in your drive when this happened. Following this through, if you have more non-Giga/wav files on your samples partition, maybe the same problem could occur? Try moving any non associated files to your C drive and leave only samples and Giga performances on your audio partitions.

    Good luck,


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    Re: Problems - Solutions- Help appreciated please.

    Thanks Chris,

    I had thought of that but it seems to make no difference. I had also thought that the use of an old sample editor for looping ie:- Samplevision which creates .smd extension files which are designed originally for Mac might have had an effect but no, 99% of files in this format play perfectly and don\'t cause crashes/freeze ups.

    Most of the time things are OK it\'s just sometimes. So I\'ve now got round to doing an octave of samples saving them as octave 1 then doing the second octave and saving it etc. Thus, if there is a particular maverick sample, I can always isolate it and then delete it. So far it seems to be working.

    However, the idiosyncrasies of sound files and their incorporation into different programmes is really weird since under one loop editor, I get a click on the first playback of the loop but none on the continuing playbacks. It is impossible to remove yet, when played back in GS the one click disappears altogether.

    Ah well, these things are sent to try us......

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