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Topic: Nuendo and Giga?

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    Nuendo and Giga?

    I just found out I can get a really good price on Nuendo and can\'t pass it up. I haven\'t tried to use it with Giga before, and was kinda wondering how well it would do with giga on the same machine. Anyone tried this?

    I\'ve only ever used the software when I was recording or multitracking with others\' equipment, so I don\'t even know how well it would work as a sequencer compared to SX. I know sx uses the nuendo engine, but that\'s about it. Are there any nuendo user\'s out there that actually use it to sequence?

    I\'m getting Nuendo either way (I really liked multitracking with it) and the price is just too good to pass on, but I have no idea if it would be suitable for use as a sequencer or not, just thought I\'d ask.

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    Re: Nuendo and Giga?

    I switched from ProTools to Nuendo when I saw just how quick and easy it was to use and haven\'t looked back since. It does have good basic sequencing functions which generally suit me fine. However, if you\'re a quantise-everything fanatic you may find it lacking as it is very basic in this area. I often use Sonar for more advanced midi editing as I simply like the ability to draw controller data over the midi track. You can draw any data under audio tracks in Nuendo but not midi tracks.

    What I would definitely advise against is running Gigastudio on the same computer as Nuendo. One of the latter\'s great asset\'s is its rock-solid stability on the windows platform - better IMO than any other windows audio/seq software. To put the two together would diminish that. Buy another computer, GS only needs a 1Ghz machine for great performance and they cost next to nothing these days.

    SX seems to be good but lacks a few vital ingredients that I find so essential for work such as OMF export/import and the Acoustic Stamp (Nuendo\'s answer to the Altiverb).

    hope this helps


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    Re: Nuendo and Giga?

    Uh, not sure why you want to do this....Nuendo is built for video and audio editing not midi. I\'m not even sure that it has any midi editing in it at all.


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    Re: Nuendo and Giga?

    Nuendo is light-on in the midi department, but that will be fixed.

    From what I\'ve read on the Steinberg forums, all the Nuendo owners bitch about not having deep enough midi implementation, and all the Cubase owners (used to) bitch about having a second rate audio engine.

    Cubase SX has answered most of the Cubase owners complaints, and Nuendo is supposed to have a significant midi update imminently.

    (from the SX faq, explaining a couple of fundamental differences between SX and Nuendo) Nuendo...features tools such as Sony 9-pin support, OMF-Import, replace audio in video file, get audio from video file, Premiere EDL import and independent project pools, to name just a few. Other features are the Matrix Encoder/ Decoder plug-in as well as support for Dolby and DTS Encoders.

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    Re: Nuendo and Giga?

    To be honest, I just really like the Nuendo interface, love the feel and usability, and there are extensive audio and video options that I would find useful when creating the music for the video. I like SX (which I own and use currently) but always bring every track to Nuendo in the end anyway, after I\'m done with the sequencing and rendering. If I could condense the software I use to just one program instead of two, I\'d be much happier.

    If nothing else, I am getting Nuendo for this final stage of the process so I don\'t have to work elsewhere. I have never tried sequencing with it, and hadn\'t yet heard much on that front until now. As far as why I\'d want to find out if it could be used concurrently with giga on the same machine? I use two machines atm: one giga and one sx. I\'m about to purchase a couple large, polyphony hogging string libraries, and was just considering the possibilities of using the sequencing machine to gimme some more.

    I\'ll test it out when I get Nuendo set up next week, but it\'s encouraging to hear that Steinberg might be addressing the aforementioned limitations. (not being able to draw in controller nfo, etc, on midi tracks is a big dissapointment, but I might be able to live with that for a while.)

    Anyway, I appreciate the nfo!

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    Re: Nuendo and Giga?

    How about a link to this? Where?

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