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Topic: Gigasampler & PCI-822

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    Gigasampler & PCI-822

    Hi Gang...I could sure use some help

    We\'ve just recently installed a PCI-822 Tascam card into our PC and we\'re having problems with Gigasampler that came with it.

    A little history...we want to you use cakewalk or jammer professional for composing midi sequences, then using gigasampler we were hoping to transfer the data into the Tascam multitrack hard drive recorder.

    PCI -822 installed ok and drivers are current. Gigasampler installed ok but when we went to launch the software it crashed. So we uninstalled and tried again. We even removed the existing soundcard (SB Live) and attempted this..same problem.. it should be noted that we\'re running windows 95. Any thoughts...ideas?

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    Re: Gigasampler & PCI-822

    I\'m in the same boat. Got the PCI-822 working after a bit of trouble, but can\'t get GigaSampler to open. When starting the program, it closes after beginning to profile my drive. I\'ve tried several reinstalls, turning everything else off, and can\'t get anything. I\'d really like to be able to use this software I bought!
    Help, please!

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