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Topic: Thank you for 1.2.1

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    Thank you for 1.2.1

    Thank you NI. DFD is king!!!

    You added - Create empty group. Thank You. But I still need - \'Create Clone\' Group. (besides - Move to clone Group - that\'s there already).

    Many times we need to edit the start of a sample in the loop editor. So one wants to zoom in at the start piont. But the zoom is centered to the middle of the sample. Can we have an anchor button to anchor the zoom to the start piont? I\'m shure many people want this.

    Also being able to set many samples at once for \'one shot\'.

    I realize two boxes in 1.2.1 for inserting key switch keys. In 1.2 there was only one. What\'s the second for?

    When creating a sample library, a lot of editing is involved. Focusing that Kontakt should bee \'very\' easy and fast on editing would make this super machine an even better product!

    Thanks again and keep up the good work.
    Chaim Goldman
    New York

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    Re: Thank you for 1.2.1

    Hi Chaim,

    thanks for your appriciation post.

    To your questions:

    > You added - Create empty group. Thank You. But I still need - \'Create Clone\' Group. (besides - Move to clone Group - that\'s there already).

    Thats on our list already, but I don´t know yet how easy this is to implement. I´ll check this.

    > Also being able to set many samples at once for \'one shot\'.

    Also on our list. Hopefully this feature will make it into the next update.

    > I realize two boxes in 1.2.1 for inserting key switch keys. In 1.2 there was only one. What\'s the second for?

    Well, thats something which slipped through my fingers, because our developer implemented it without telling me [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    In the previous version of Kontakt you were only able to set one specific key for keyswitching. Now you can set a keyrange which triggers a group. So the first (left) box set the lower key limit and the right box the higher key limit for the keyrange that will trigger a group. This way you can also overlay keyranges for triggering different groups at the same time.



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    Re: Thank you for 1.2.1


    thanks. There are some great new options in 1.2.1


    In the structure window you can choose to \"duplicate group\" which will clone the group (but for some reason not clone the zones). You can then copy the zones and paste them into the new group.

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    Re: Thank you for 1.2.1

    Thanks Martin and King.

    Martin, you should know that it means so much to me/us when you reply to a question.

    Ooh, one more, please consider making an option to magnify the editor.

    Thanks again for the reply

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    Re: Thank you for 1.2.1

    Hi King and Chaim,

    thanks for your appriciation and the tip for duplicating a group in the structure view. Actually I missed this function which is really very useful. Sometimes even for me as the product designer, Kontakt has features that I have missed...

    Concerning the mapping editor.... already on my list [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I collect everything that people are posting and that they wish in the future. I´ll do my best to get as much as possible in Kontakt asap... If you have more ideas or suggestions, just bring them on.



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    Re: Thank you for 1.2.1

    routing options from group to group (envelope follower in one group to say a Release trigger group)

    Note off counters

    Note on counters for ALL groups

    Routing envelopes back to MIDI CC back onto the instrument itself.

    Copy groups between different instruments.

    Duplicate group, copies zones over as well.

    Copy Modules between groups AND instruments. (both modulators and FULL source/amp/etc modules)

    Save \"source\" module presets.

    multi \"sample play back only if\" statements for source module. (key position AND controller AND round robin)

    Round Robin groups (or is this possible not sure, haven\'t delved in it enough)

    Routing of modulators to \"curve\" knob instead of just MIDI remote.

    MIDI remote curve options (atleast invert, but full drawn curve would be nice)

    The ability for Kontakt to reload itself with current patches/fxp when you change audio routing (with an option that asks yes/no).

    Now for a nice big option:

    MIDI modules just like your routing for everything in/after the \"source module, but controlling MIDI. (Velocity affects MIDI CC, Note On Counter afftect +/minus value for MIDI on Note) This would allow for extremely complex architechture of instruments, but these instruments could be extremely playable and unique.

    Imagine the \"intelligence\" in Kontakt thats already in there for glide (knowing note to note distance) and appying that to MIDI, letting Kontakt tell the instrument to switch to a specific key switch. One could program stuff liek the VSL tool legato in jsut kontakt.

    Basically I want some flexible MIDI options for make internal MIDI FX. (something like cubases transform added to this would be nice too)

    letsee. I have more, but I jsut cant think of them right now. I\'ve got a super sampler playback option that I\'d like to discuss with you guys privately.

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    Re: Thank you for 1.2.1

    BIGGER LETTERING (for those of us using bifocals)!

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    Re: Thank you for 1.2.1

    Peter i know what u mean..but in the mean time,amd maybe i already know..but u can change the sizes of kontakt in OPTIONS and in the Rack.It`ll help a bit...Rich

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    Re: Thank you for 1.2.1

    nah the text stays purty darn tiny on high resolutions.

    I dont like it, bu tI may have to switch to 800 to get it to be easier on my eyes... I actually feel like I\'m going blind.

    Howabout developer options to keep those nki\'s uncompressed, so I can bild my own hacks to make things go quicker?

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    Re: Thank you for 1.2.1

    Here are a couple more

    Combine Instruments option.

    Filters that work with \"relative\" values like the way the amplifier module works.

    For instance, it I build a module for the AMP that controls the volume via CC, AND use an AHDSR envelope the AHDSR will still affect volume relative to where the MOD wheel sets the level.

    If I build the same combo to control the cutoff of the filter, the modwheel takes over and sets absolute values. Making things like the release curve from the AHDSR not work at all.

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