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Topic: Captured sound better than real time output

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    Captured sound better than real time output

    I just did a recorded a solo piano project using the Trachman Steinway B. I ended up rendering the pianos using the capture to wav feature and the Nemesys reverb and EQ plugins. For some reason the wav captured sounds way better than the real time output to me. Either way it is coming out of the same output so I don\'t understand why. It wasn\'t just me who thought so either, the piano player and a sound engineer friend of mine felt the same way. The three of us felt that there was no comparison between the quality of the rendered and real time output of GS. Quality wise, the captured wav blew the real time output away. Does anyone else feel this way too or have any idea of why this might be the case?
    Laurence Kingston

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    Re: Captured sound better than real time output

    OK, here is an idea (playing bit of devil\'s advocate here): How did you play back the wav file? Because I think it is quite difficult to guarantee that the played back wav will be at the *exact* volume of the real-time performance. Unfortunately the ear has this nasty trick, when comparing sounds, of picking the version that is slightly louder as sounding of \"better\" quality.

    (Incidentally, according to hi-fi dealers, this is why CD players gained market dominance - because their line-outs were just slightly hotter than vinyl\'s).

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    Re: Captured sound better than real time output

    cc Your opinion raises something in me which I don\'t know why anyone hasn\'t commented before.

    I have a pulsar 2, and have tried many demo\'s for softsynths/samplers. Of them all Gigastudio has to be the one with the quietest output. It really does turn fresh chunky wav files into dull uninspired ones. I don\'t know whether, as well as being quieter, it also filters the sound slightly (perhaps taking off some of the hi end). Indeed some of my pumping/cutting synth samples which used to make my old terratec EWS64 shake, just seem to be sitting on their arse doing nothing now.

    My reaction has been to use Pulsar\'s mixer to bring the volumes of everything else down slightly, push Gigastudio up to its max, and possibly search for some kind of compressor/expander/or exciter to bring the life back.

    Maybe it\'s just my system or the way I\'m doing things... I can\'t believe that all the professionals on this site haven\'t found the same problem....

    perhaps I\'m missing some simple solution.

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    Re: Captured sound better than real time output

    Capture streams it straight to disk bypassing another d/a a/d conversion.Unless your going digital out/in,capture should sound better.

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    Re: Captured sound better than real time output

    I am going digital in/out and it still sounds better!?

    Laurence Kingston

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    Re: Captured sound better than real time output

    Actually this is not just a Giga phenomena.
    I have found that most Midi sequences sound better if they are converted to wave files, (captured, or recorded on a 2nd card).
    This goes for everything from Giga, to cheap wavetable soundcards, to hardware sound modules.
    I\'m sure there is a good explanation. Personally I think it may have to do with the serial Midi data stream. If you record into separate data tracks, you are beginning to play back actual chords and layers of sound instead of the very fast arppegios of a Midi file.


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