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Topic: Wavelab 5 on its way - April 19 - Audio DVD burning & mastering

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    Wavelab 5 on its way - April 19 - Audio DVD burning & mastering

    Came across this earlier ... posted this lunchtime on cubase.net.

    I am posting it here because there may be interest in a mainstream surround mastering / DVD burning tool finally becoming available, and to start a discussion about its possible impact on the sample library industry. (so please don\'t move me off-topic ;-)

    \"Steinberg announces WaveLab 5
    Steinberg have announced Wavelab 5, now offering full multi-channel surround support and DVD Audio mastering and authoring, WaveLab 5 will ship to Steinberg resellers from 19th April, 2004, and will cost €699.00 EUR.

    WaveLab 5 encompasses a full set of DVD Audio mastering and authoring tools. Among the new capabilities included is support for up to eight audio channels throughout the entire signal chain for recording, editing, processing and mastering. The DVD Audio burning capabilities also include video data; WaveLab 5 also offers DVD Audio extraction, conversion, and archiving. More DVD Audio-specific features include an extensive DVD Audio authoring toolset, including Playlist editing, on-screen video menu design, picture slide shows, and DVD text.

    The range of new capabilities encompasses not only DVD Audio, but aims to offer additional capabilities within the stereo and multi-channel audio domain. A new \"Smart\" Video Thumbnail Track for editing audio for video is included, as is support for track based insert effects, multi-channel metering, and support for Steinberg Surround Edition plug-ins.\"

    - Do folk think this might ignite an upsurge in interest in \"surround samples\" and surround production ?

    - I for one have never used the 5.1 capabilities in my Cubase SX ... because I don\'t readily have any tools to create/burn DVDs with surround encoding (let alone a 5.1 monitoring system).

    - Sound-on-Sound had a very interesting editorial last month. After years of a fairly sceptical stance on surround sound, the editor (Paul White), says that he has done considerable trialling of surround since Christmas ... and finally is converted to it. Not from the perspective of placing sound-effects or instruments in odd places .. but for creating a far more real sound / stereo placement . He did say that after ending his two month trial going back to a conventional stereo set-up was like going back to mono after enjoying stereo.

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    Re: Wavelab 5 on its way - April 19 - Audio DVD burning & mastering

    But no SA-CD. [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]


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    Re: Wavelab 5 on its way - April 19 - Audio DVD burning & mastering

    There is no specific to what DVD-A encoding format they will offer. Hmmmm, i HOPE it includes MLP for high rez multichannel encoding. My guess it will simply have standard DD and DTS encoding and be limited to 24/48k for multichannel and 24/192 stereo. The only encoder to date that will \'losslessly\' compress 5.1 in higher resolutions (88.2, 96, 176.4, 192k) is Meridian MLP. Which is pricey!!! This of course is do to the bitstream limits of DVD.

    Alex .... SACD is not a PCM based format. It is DSD ... there are a couple DSD editor/converter packages. SaDie being one of them. Also, to do extensive editing in DSD requires you to convert first to PCM, then what is the point of DSD.

    Perhaps you should read this :: http://www.merging.com/2002/html/sacd.htm

    Not to mention there is NO way (at this time) to \'one-off\' or produce an SACD - at home or even huge production houses. Sony licenses proprietary SACD pressing machines.

    AND also .... unless you either A: Have source material recorded to Analog or B: Record directly in DSD, then there is sonic advantage of taking PCM material and upconverting to DSD. It is pointless. Hence all the \'classic\' reissues in DSD and \'boutique\' modern albums that were recorded in DSD or to tape. ALTHOUGH, there are times that albums recorded in PCM are released in DSD ... go figure.


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    Re: Wavelab 5 on its way - April 19 - Audio DVD burning & mastering

    Thanks, SWL! I placed a winkie because I kinda knew it was impossible. It\'s just the damn things sound so gooooood! Each new one I buy make me jaw drop.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: Wavelab 5 on its way - April 19 - Audio DVD burning & mastering

    PCM, yes

    AND MLP !!!!

    DVD-Audio is an advanced resolution, multichannel music format-the most technically sophisticated audio delivery format ever created. It combines DVD technology with MLP Lossless from Dolby Laboratories to give you music with full 5.1-channel surround sound and fidelity that\'s dramatically better than what you get from a CD.

    DVD-Audio with MLP Lossless is truly the ultimate audio format, with the advanced resolution audiophiles demand, and the convenience and compatibility that casual listeners expect. With DVD-Audio, anyone who owns a DVD player can enjoy recorded music that feels better than ever before-with all the dynamics, depth, and power of a live performance.\"

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    Re: Wavelab 5 on its way - April 19 - Audio DVD burning & mastering

    I think it wont have a sizable impact on surround samples.

    I\'ve foudn that many developers only use \"what they know\", in terms of software. Most I\'ve talked to dont even know how AMZING wavelab is for developing/editing samples. Its by far the best option IMO, and I\'ve converted a few to my way of thinking. Wavelab is currently able to help and speed up development surround libraries with a few tricks I\'ve found. (as well as multiple mic options).

    Once ALL editors go surround we\'ll see more surround libraries, but for right now I think we\'re still on the uphill part of the movement (but getting close to the hump).

    I\'m excited about Wwavelab 5 BTW. It blows every editor out of the water for pure editing features.

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