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Topic: Drum programmer has hi-hat question

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    Drum programmer has hi-hat question

    Before I purchase GigaStudio 96 I need a question answered. I currently have an AKAI S2000 sampler which I\'ve all but given up on for doing hi-hat work. I need to know if GigaStudio has overcome a serious limitation: AKAI uses a \"mute group\" strategy for allowing the closed hat to kill the open hat, but there\'s a fatal flaw with this method... The open hi-hat plays monophonically, as it cuts off and retriggers every time it\'s struck. Cymbals don\'t suddenly shut up and resound when they\'re being ridden. Their decays overlap. I need to know if GigaStudio\'s hi-hat method is note-specific, meaning that ONLY the closed hat is allowed to kill the open hat, and not the open hat killing itself. Make sense? Thanks for any feedback, as nobody at Nemesys or Sweetwater Sound has yet been able to answer this seemingly simple question.

    Brian James

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    Re: Drum programmer has hi-hat question

    Open hat doesn\'t cut itself off in Giga, it behaves correctly.

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    Re: Drum programmer has hi-hat question

    Thanks a bunch! In fact, I just received a call yesterday from Nenesys about this very thing in which they explained in detail how to create \"Mutually Exclusive\" groups. I appreciate your reply very much. Take care.

    Brian James

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