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Topic: downloadable ambient jungle noise?

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    downloadable ambient jungle noise?

    ahem....for my son\'s elementary school production....does anyone know of any looped jungle ambience (animal noises etc) that I could purchase and download somewhere?



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    Re: downloadable ambient jungle noise?


    Check out my song Safari at:


    If it would be helpful in the production, you are welcome to use it. It has lions and tigers and bears (oh my), and monkeys, birds and jungle sounds. I got the samples from a friend (he recorded them), so I am not at liberty to give them to you to use.

    I wrote it for a fund raiser event for our local zoo.

    -- Martin

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    Re: downloadable ambient jungle noise?

    Mathis, thanks so much for the prompt info. Incredibly helpful. And Martin, thanks for your kind and generous offer. They\'re looking for ambient jungle sounds to play as the audience arrives and sits down (4th graders doing the Lion King!)...rather than real music!...but so kind of you. Thank you, I really appreciate it.


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    Re: downloadable ambient jungle noise?

    A pair of useful links


    Seach for jungle and there are several nice ones (free for non-commercial purposes)


    This one is BIG (free for educational purposes, as it\'s your case) It\'s in spanish, but do a search for \"pajaros\", \"bosque\", \"jungla\" etc and you will get lots of sounds you can mix to get that jungle feeling. Available in mp3 and wav

    I made this little loop in 5 minutes mixing several sounds from the site above

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    Re: downloadable ambient jungle noise?

    Look for \"Atmosphere Deluxe\" on the net. It is shareware and has everything you need plus some.
    I believe you can use it for 10 days before it asks you for $30.

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    Re: downloadable ambient jungle noise?

    Thanks a lot everyone. I\'m all set. I really appreciate the replies.


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