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Topic: Kirk Hunter Solo Strings question

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    Kirk Hunter Solo Strings question

    Are there looped samples in this library? Are there patches that are able to sustain long held out notes with little to no vibrato? I\'m especially interested in the violin and cello patches.


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    Re: Kirk Hunter Solo Strings question

    I\'m not at home right now, but the \"sustain\" samples are not looped. They use bow-turnarounds. Some of the instruments have no vibrato (NV) sustains, but I can\'t recall which do and which don\'t.

    The bow-turnarounds are very natural sounding. The only problem is when they are very exposed, and the meter of the piece is slower than the duration of the bowing. I haven\'t found it to be a problem, but if you want physically impossible long sustains, you likely won\'t get what you want.

    It may be that GPO has what you want. I tend to use spiccato and other aggressive attacks a lot, so I never really took it that seriously; however, if one composes to its strengths, it can work as shown in this example...


    Just be aware that the range of GPO\'s solo strings doesn\'t venture far from what you hear in the above demo, articulation wise. But if that\'s the sound that you\'re looking for, all power to you!

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