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Topic: VSL with Kompakt/Kontakt?

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    VSL with Kompakt/Kontakt?

    I was thinking of getting one of these, VSL solo strings or Opus or peformance tools, as a try out before going in for the full package.

    Will they perform well with Kompakt? I dont have Gigasampler and am sure I wont be comfortable with working with a non-vst sampler.

    So has anyone used these with Kompakt/Kontakt, maybe after conversion to kontakt format or directly? What features would be lost?

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    Re: VSL with Kompakt/Kontakt?

    All mod crossfade and filter info will be lost.

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    Re: VSL with Kompakt/Kontakt?

    not in Kontakt 1.5.2

    all conversions should be quite good, with the exception of some velocity sensetivity issues and release envelopes on teh release trigger samples/mappings.

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    Re: VSL with Kompakt/Kontakt?

    Oh, King! I didn\'t know that!
    I have to download the new upgrade...

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    Re: VSL with Kompakt/Kontakt?


    Is there anyway you can walk me though the conversion process in 1.5.2 - from moving gig files (via Lan) for the giga computers to the Cubase computer. I use Kontakt as a VST on that computer. Everytime I have tried the \'batch giga\' conversion (on the patches) - when I try to load up a .nki patch, autofind cannot locate the samples and I have them right there is the same folder. Any ideas?


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    Re: VSL with Kompakt/Kontakt?

    Thanks for the replies!

    What are these velocity sensitivity issues?

    Whats the best conversion software for this?

    Should I
    - just open up the gig files in Kontakt
    - convert files to Kontakt format first using Kontakt
    - Use CDXtract
    - Use Chicken System Translator
    - Use some other translator (name?)

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    Re: VSL with Kompakt/Kontakt?

    Whoops forgot to ask -

    What happens to the Performance Tool? Does it still work and how?

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    Re: VSL with Kompakt/Kontakt?

    Good Question.

    Im expecting to get Opus 1 in ESX format. But let\'s say i want to divide it up and run some of the samples on the slaved PC\'s ... does ESX convert well to let\'s say Kontakt? OR Giga, for that matter?

    Or just buy in Giga format and convert to ESX via 3rd party software? Chicken Sys? CDExtract?


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    Re: VSL with Kompakt/Kontakt?


    Autofind gets wonky in 1.5.2 when accessing samples across the LAN. It searches physical drives first, and for some reason forgets to search the LAN directories. The only option I can think of is to open copy the instrument and samples to a local drive, open it, save with \"absolute paths\" (or try it off, cant remember) option and then try moving it back to the network and seeing what happens.

    It still may be stupid tho. Its jsut some sort of wiggy thing that happened in the new Kontakt directory structer.

    Try loading directly from the \"load\" menu instead of dragging from the Kontakt Browser. See if that helps.


    convert the files using Kontakt itself. Opening them up in \"giga mode\" forces them to be only loaded in \"samper\" mode, and no DFD options.

    The standard conversion in Kontakt 1.5.2 is better than other converters for the moment (so it seems). Make sure you\'re using 1.5.2

    The performance tool will still work fine. Routing options change depending on if you\'re using Kontakt in stand alone or VST mode. It requires a more convoluted routing structure when using Kontakt in VSTi/DXi mode. Check the VSL Forum for the options. I\'ve posted typical structures so many times that my head will explode if I type it again. There should eb a FAQ at VSL with this in there.

    anyhow it can be done. It wasnt designed to be used this way so there may be unforseen issues, but it can be done.

    Teh velocity sensetivity issues are jsut that Kontakt and Giga\'s \"default\" velocity curves are different and Kontakt\'s conversion algorithms dont take this into account (or does them wrong). Giga seems to have a more concave curve as standard/default, as well as a higher volume/velocity ratio in the lower velocities.

    Kontakt will go down to near -inf db it seems at about a velocity of 5. Making it pretty linear.

    A simple adjustment is to make the curve concave, reduce the \"width\" of the velocity sensetivity (sliding bar/fader that goes left/right), and compensate for the volume by pumping up a couple DB.

    Its not particularly needed,... only if you want near exact conversions.

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    Re: VSL with Kompakt/Kontakt?

    Are release samples lost during convertion in Kontakt 1.5.2?

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