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Topic: Old books about samples

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    Old books about samples

    For newbies, like me, I give you a invaluable tip.

    I found 2 used books in a library and they have been edited in the year 1987 (unbelievable...).

    The titles are:

    The sampling book by Steve DeFuria and Joe ScacciaFerro.

    The secrets of analog and digital synthesis by Steve DeFuria.

    Everything is there to understand what are samples and waves.

    I did not found equivalent modern books in libraries.

    Really I am a lucky man. I wish you to found those books.


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    Re: Old books about samples

    Where did you find them? If I can\'t find them myself, I guess you could let me consult them, since we\'re on the same island...?

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    Re: Old books about samples

    Salut Eliam,

    Librairie L\'IDEE FIXE sur la rue masson près d\'Iberville. S\'il n\'en reste plus rejoins-moi à Sergedaigneault@juno.com


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    Re: Old books about samples

    Ah! Ah! Merci!! Ce sont des livres neufs, donc.

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