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Topic: Question for MAC Users

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    Question for MAC Users

    Im thinking of buying a new MAC ,
    the one that is out right now ,
    when Apple announces there new MAC ,
    so the MAC out now should cost more

    I`m using a G3 350MHz right now and
    using Digital Performer 3 with it ,
    and think of buying KONTAKT or
    Unity Session for it in the future.
    And I`m thinking of buying a G4 933MHz.
    (1GHz Dual is too expensive for me)

    Is 933MHz enough for using KONTAKT or
    Unity Session with DP 3 ?

    BTW , about RAM , I`ll add RAM
    soon as the money comes in ,
    because I wont have that much ,
    when I buy a G4 933 MHz .

    Thanks for your time !!


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    Re: Question for MAC Users

    Buy the Mac with minimum RAM, then go online and find best price-probably 1/3 of what Apples sells for. You WILL want all the RAM you can get with DP. My last album was mixed with 256MB and there were times when I\'d have to wait for the song to end before a stop command on the keyboard would register (98-99% CPU.) I added another 256MB and now I can mix any of thosetunes with less than 30% CPU load.

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    Re: Question for MAC Users

    I agree with Soundsmith about the RAM, definitely cheaper elsewhere. If you\'re writing orchestral (like most of us here) then I wouldn\'t reccomend Kontact \'cos it doesn\'t even stream. Its more suited to dance music where you need filters and stuff. I\'d get Unity Session or HALion \'cos they\'re much better for orchestral work.

    As far as the Mac is concerned I wouldn\'t get a 933 if I were you, you\'d be much better off finding a refurb or second hand dual processor model. The dual 533 is much cheaper than the 933 and almost as fast. A dual 800 is your best bet though and should also be cheaper than the single 933.

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    Re: Question for MAC Users

    Mr. thesoundsmith

    I`ll try to find a internet store , where
    they sell RAM`s for a good price.

    BTW, I found a store selling a
    G4 933MHz +1GHz of RAM set .
    You only have to add $100 to the price
    of G4 933MHz and you`ll get 1GHz.
    I thought WOW !!

    Thankyou for your reply and telling me your
    thoughts !! I really appreciate it !


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    Re: Question for MAC Users

    I use crucial.com to buy memory for my Macs. They have good prices and high quality chips.

    They also sell PC memory.

    Check it out.

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    Re: Question for MAC Users

    Mr. Hasen

    I`m writing Orchestral stuff and also dance stuff .
    And I had Unity Session in mind too.
    But I thought it would take more machine power
    than Kontakt , so I was thinking to buy
    Kontakt .And I did know it reads Samples in to the
    RAM. And also l know that it will stream in the
    future, but in this forum someone was saying
    that \" the way they`ll stream it is not good \"
    or some thing like that .
    So I think UnitySession is back in my list
    with Kontakt . I`m suffering which to buy again....

    And about second hand MAC.
    I thought of that once , but I cant trust
    second hand hardware. I had a bad experience
    with second hand Computers. Also with Initial lot too...
    So I was thinking of buying a new one.
    But I`ll search for a new Dual 800 .
    And I`ll buy it if its cheaper than a
    G4/933 thats out now.

    Thank you for your reply and thoughts!
    I really appreciate it !!


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    Re: Question for MAC Users


    Thanks ! I`ll check it soon as I finish writing this.
    But are they able to ship it to Japan?
    Because I`m living in Japan .

    BTW , the store that sells the G4 933 + 1G RAM set ,
    is in Japan.

    Thankyou for your reply and information about
    the RAM ! I appreciate it !


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    Re: Question for MAC Users

    I would definately do with a slower Dual G4 rather than a single faster processor!

    Both DP and Session are optimized for dual processors so I really think you\'ll be happyer performance wise!

    For RAM, go to Memory To Go They have awesome prices, they tend to go up and down weekly but right now you can get 512megs for $78 which is pretty cheap!

    Also, it\'s rumored that Apple will release a 1.2ghz Dual G4 next month, if you can wait you might be better off (generally a new faster processor means lower priced older models)

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    Re: Question for MAC Users


    I`m trying to find a new Dual MAC thats cheaper than
    the G4 933 (Quick Silver) right now.
    If I could find one , I`m thinking of buy that one.
    But if I cant I think I dont have any choice`s
    besides buying G4 933 .

    BTW,I didnt know that Unity Session was
    optimized for DUAL processer.
    And I`ll also go to the memory site you showed me.

    I`m also thinking of waiting til next month .

    I really appreciate your reply and your
    thoughtful advice`s !! Thank you very much !


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    Re: Question for MAC Users

    According to macrumors.com there are new macs coming out mid-August so you might want to wait. If you use pluggo with DP it currently doesn\'t work with dual processors.

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