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Topic: Question about mixing down with 'Capture to audio'

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    Question about mixing down with \'Capture to audio\'

    I was just curious how everyone mixes down there stuff from Gigastudio. Do you \'capture to audio\' each track and eq each track seperately in your wave editor software or do you just mix everything from Gigastudio down to 2 tracks in your wave editor?
    I am currently using Cool Edit Pro as my wave editor and am kind of frustrated with not being able to put real time eq on my tracks. I am just mixing everything down to 2 track (sterio left and right). Is there a way I can \'capture to wave\' in Gigastudio and insert each track from Cakewalk into my multitrack in Cool Edit? Right now, the \'capture to wave\' just seems to send my wave files to a left/right file in Cool Edit which kind of sucks because I can\'t eq each track. Maybe Gigastudio could come out with a multitrack feature that allows \'capture to audio\' for each track and syncs them.
    Does this sound stupid or is there an easier way for me to mix stuff down? I\'m also using Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 as my sequencer.

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    Re: Question about mixing down with \'Capture to audio\'

    Ehm well, you can just turn on the tracks you want to record, record those, then turn on the next tracks you want to record, record those and then mix it all in the end, applying EQ+efx to the tracks that you recorded. Sure works for me, although I usually only use about 3-4 stereo tracks in a mixdown, to get different reverb settings and such, AND because usually I can\'t get Giga to play all my tracks at the same time as recording to CoolEdit (I record, I don\'t capture within Giga) without dropouts and clicks.

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    Re: Question about mixing down with \'Capture to audio\'

    The problem I get when just recording each track is they end up getting out of sync once they are in Cool Edit Pro as wave files. Can Gigastudio somehow be synced to Cool Edit Pro?

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    Re: Question about mixing down with \'Capture to audio\'

    Yeah you can enable the MIDI SLAVE function in CoolEdit. (F7)

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