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Topic: Any NEW big band/pop brass or saxes near?

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    Any NEW big band/pop brass or saxes near?

    I\'m still looking for trumpets, trombones and saxes (alto, tenor and bari) to play realistic big band charts. Nothing in the orchestral libraries addresses the issue except as an occasional coincidence. You just DON\'T play big band trumpet like you play orchestral trumpet (or so I was told by a very angry section leader in college [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] )

    Is anyone looking into this possibility? Kip, Donnie, anyone? A Count Basie/Oliver Nelson big band library would be a real treat! Even an Otis Redding soul horn section would be very useful. Not everybody wants to write film scores (as much joy I get listening to the work from these folks, it\'s not what I bought GS for...)


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    Re: Any NEW big band/pop brass or saxes near?

    Funny you should mention that. A buddy of mine and I were thinking of doing a nice pop brass library. 1 trumpet, 1 bone, 1 sax. Not make it to clean sounding either. Keep it kinda dirty and raw.
    We\'ve got the players, just trying to find the time.

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    Re: Any NEW big band/pop brass or saxes near?

    That\'s one quite usable option. That old Otis/James Brown/TOP horns. Love it!

    Let me know if you need some beta testing. I\'ve got a bunch of live gig sequences that have the need.


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    Re: Any NEW big band/pop brass or saxes near?

    It\'s in with a pile of other things. Actually it\'s pretty close to being done. Just needs some fine tuning. I had put it on the back burner to work on the solo strings.


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    Re: Any NEW big band/pop brass or saxes near?

    Hi Donnie
    I´m looking for real pop brass sounds (not orchestral)too. I already have the other libraries (QLB, VRsound saxes, DDB, etc.etc) and none of them really cover the different pop sections (well, i mean, Tower of power, Chicago, Big band, latin, etc.) and I think that the weakest link are the trumpets. Mr Dean´s library is the closest one, but isn´t enough. At least 2 solo trumpets are needed to make a pop brass sound OK (powerfull and blasting sound).
    Please! Do the library, but offer 2 trumpets with all the articulations, with and without vibrato, lots of falls, doiks, glissandos, you know, the full palete. I´ll be the first one to purchase that even if it costs $1000!! and I´m serius about this.
    Best Regards
    Jose Pereira, Caracas Venezuela
    PS: Please, excuse my bad english.

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    Re: Any NEW big band/pop brass or saxes near?

    Cool Dasher. I\'ll let you know if we get this thing going or not. The goal is definitely to keep em\' raw and kinda dirty. Not so clean. Like you said, that James Brown, Otis type of thing [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] .

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