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Topic: Announcing the 'NorthernSounds' Library...

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    Announcing the \'NorthernSounds\' Library...

    What if we started using this forum as a platform to create a \'giga\'ntic USERS library?!?! Everyone could contribute something...this would not only encourage everyone to really dig into what GST can do...but will also help push the development of ultimate realism by giving more people a chance to share their ideas on future developments!!

    Just an idea!


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    Re: Announcing the \'NorthernSounds\' Library...

    You are ambitious! I would, but I dunno how to program stuff, and I ain\'t gots the time to learn.

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    Re: Announcing the \'NorthernSounds\' Library...

    Folks i could get the space poss 500meg but there might be a small charge.... would people be prepared to pay a little bit for it?

    I will see what i can do.

    Its run from an isp server in the UK. Sort of a friend of a friend.

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    Re: Announcing the \'NorthernSounds\' Library...

    If ya think about it...Thomas J,Worra,tobias, and martin(among others) are already helping get this idea off the Ground! I mean...everyone ON this forum has something to contribute...even if its something as small as a tambourine sample or handclaps!!!

    AND...in terms of the storage space issue...what if we were all to donate a small amount of money to some collective entity...ala..northernsouds.com or other to...with the amount of users on this forum (willing to contribute)..it really wouldn\'t be that much money per individual...this could provide the monetrary support needed to maintain online storage and bandwidth resources...

    OR...another thought...to help encourage users to produce something...those users could charge some FRUGALE amount...Im actually considering doing this with my Rhodes gig! This would help sustain such a platform... I mean...there are enough users here that we could create quite a unique community...one where even the small guys are able to give to the sampling sphere and maybe make little money too!!!with the diverity of members here...(developers, users, composers,etc)...where else would something like this be able to mature?

    Lets see where this goes!! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Announcing the \'NorthernSounds\' Library...

    It\'s a great idea. We\'ve had many users in the past that asked for something like this but not enough to actually get it started. To be honest there are also many other issues to deal with outside bandwidth and space one of them being piracy/copyright issues. This is what has kept us away from this area. Space is not as much of a problem as bandwidth. Worra has been doing a site like this for quite sometime I\'m sure he can tell us not only about the bandwidth but the other issues involved also. If anyone has any more suggestions you can post here or email us nsounds@northernsounds.com

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: Announcing the \'NorthernSounds\' Library...


    I love the idea and I think it would be really great to pool all of our resourcess together.

    The biggest hurdle is finding a place that can hold several 100megs of raw samples for everyone to tap into and download.

    I seriously doubt that Northern sounds would, but if anyone has an idea I\'m open!

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    Re: Announcing the \'NorthernSounds\' Library...

    No one want me to look into an english server then>?

    Guess not.

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    Re: Announcing the \'NorthernSounds\' Library...

    I agree that it\'s a great idea, but that bandwidth would limit the ability of people to contribute or download. Or I may be behind the times. More people may have broadband than I suspect. (And I notice that MSN now has a $39 a month DLS offer, so as prices fall, more people may sign up for broadband.)

    Does Worra\'s place already serve this purpose?

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    Re: Announcing the \'NorthernSounds\' Library...

    I think Worra\'s Place does already serve this purpose, but he is bandwidth limited.

    I have a business T1, and therefore no bandwidth limits. Gigabytes of storage is no problem at all, so I could host it. However, I would be terribly concerned about copyright issues, and don\'t know any way to make that easy for me. Unfortunately, the honor system isn\'t good enough in court to ensure no liability...


    Originally posted by Jake Johnson:
    Does Worra\'s place already serve this purpose?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">

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