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Topic: LOP, Brass Super and the missing post.

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    LOP, Brass Super and the missing post.

    Late last night whilst frantically trying to make a deadline I was overwhlemed with disbelief as i realised a tbone note in the BRass super section was almost a semitone out of tune. Quite angry about it I\'m again raising the issue of poor quality libraries out there for expensive costs.

    London Percussion falls well into that catagory.
    A rather expensive disc of very average samples, often with only one velocity. Come on!

    So i wrote a rather blunt post saying that the person who recorded and edited the Brass samples on the aforementioned title is either deaf, lazy or just dishonest. That post is gone. Perhaps i didnt send it correctly.

    Why do i write this? I wonder myself..its all so futile. But, i get tired of reading about the wonderful libraries that people are making when i know a lot are just sausage factory products.

    And I for one am forever tired of paying for these. Everyone has different standards..I acknowledge this..but, this side of the industry is filled with amateurs it seems there is no regulation. And i admit, how can there be.

    Well, for the benifit of those that are interested. Be sure when consider the London PErc disc, and if your thinking about Brass Super, then you\'ll need a few repacement samples.

    BUT, let me leave with a positive. GOS IS excellent. And Larry Sayers Upright is fantasic.
    Congrats to all concerned with those products.

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    Re: LOP, Brass Super and the missing post.

    Yah Brass Super section has some very bad issues. Close micing, what soudns like the same instrument recorded twice and panned to either side of the recording. Phasing issues all over.

    Dont try collapsing the stereo field on some of those.

    That said, the bass Trombone has alot of Bite. Throw it into sound stage and it sounds quite nice.

    I also wish there were more velocity splits insome of the LOP instruments, but I hardly think its not an excelent library. For the variety of instruments its quite good. but yah...it could be better.

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    Re: LOP, Brass Super and the missing post.

    You know, its not that i don\'t recognise the variety of the LOP. But i think thats its weakness. IT tries to do too much. Yes it does have some ok instruments but mostly they fall short.

    You don\'t..Or I rather I don\'t..I can only speak for myself..want mediocre variety..I want a good instrument. Sure, you first have a few of the \"libraries\" and you\'ve got your *** covered. But then you seek quality components.

    I mean, bring out a cd for $200 that has timpani, orch cymbals and snare comprehensively covered. Do it great. And ill never complain. And think the insturment through. AND pleae..give it to me dry.

    Im a dedicated user. Not interested in pirating, copying, whatever. I want to purchase good isntruments...ONCE.

    I will stop now.

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    Re: LOP, Brass Super and the missing post.

    We sure are an opinionated bunch. But, that is one of the things that makes the world interesting. Last I heard, LOP did not have enough instruments now it has too many.

    To answer the first, it is the most comprehensive available. It contains all \"standard\" orchestral percussion instrumentation and much more. No, there is no marimba or vibraphone. These are not generally in the list of \"orchestral percussion\" instruments. They would have added two discs and the accompanying price to the library. If you have to have them, our Christian and Lane Marimba and Vibes library can\'t be beat.

    In answer to the second opinion, no instrument was short changed. In fact we cut \"non-standard\" instruments from our list so that we \"could\" include more velocities and features in those that made the cut. I could have missed one but I don\'t believe there is a single instrument in LOP with only one velocity. We based velocity counts, intervals sampled, articulations, etc. on each instrument\'s need. If it needed, 16 velocities to sound realistic, it\'s in there. More would have used unnecessary disc space, memory and processing power. Lot\'s of experience and experimentation went into it. The only instrument I can imagine one needing more of would be timpani. A judgment call was made to include a less expansive set of timpani instead of leaving them completely out (as we really would have caught heck here). We did not skimp on quality, only quantity as every articulation would have taken 4 discs and increased the price greatly. Still almost all standard timpani compositional needs are there.

    And indeed we do more specialized libraries. Christian and Lane Marimba/Vibes - two discs, Christian and Lane Timpani - 4 discs, Marching Percussion and losts more to come.

    Keep your opinions. That is what makes us all different and interesting. Just wanted to straighten out some facts.

    Sean Lane
    DS Soundware

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    Re: LOP, Brass Super and the missing post.

    Sean, maybe you can answer this... are you going to do a new orchestral percussion library with the \'real\' hall ambience in there? Possibly a \'close\' (5-10 feet?) and far (10-15 meters) choice?

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    Re: LOP, Brass Super and the missing post.


    There is so much we want to do and a collection of instruments with an \"extreme\" amount of hall sound would be one of those things. Maybe not a complete orchestral percussion collection but for sure those instruments used it the often mentioned \"Hollywood percussion\" sounds (snares, basses, timps). LOP has quite a bit of hall sound compared to anything else commercially available. And nothing was recorded closely. We decided on the hall in which it was recorded primarily due to its decay characteristics. We felt this sound would fit 95% (or so) of most orchestral percussion compositional needs. And if you need less you can dial it out with the mod wheel.

    It\'s funny, when we first decided to do Ultimate OP nearly everyone felt the ambient recording idea was foolish. It would be unusable and would not sit in any mix, we were told. Everyone wanted the ability to add their own reverb to a dry sound. Well, we went against the grain and did it anyway. Now it seems it would be a sin if any library were done any other way. And the more the better. I\'m not saying we created the idea, just in the right place at the right time I guess.

    But, back to your question. Possibly. Probably. Sometime. There is a lot on our plate to get through. Maybe for dessert. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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