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Topic: woodwinds

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    I\'ve eventually decided (more or less) which gig samples to buy for strings(garritan), percussion(LOP), brass (probably the new Dan Dean ensembles) and piano(Grandioso) but am still looking for woodwind ensembles. I dont really want to wait much longer for a new library to come out so am looking to buying one fairly soon. I\'ve heard the Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds are exceptional, but does anyone know if it is possible to layer them to sound like a convincing ensemble, or is there a decent woodwind ensemble library out there?

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    Re: woodwinds

    normally you need solo woodwinds. It is very seldom that for example 3 clarinets playing unisono.

    Take a look at the xsample library also...



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    Re: woodwinds

    The only library with wood ensembles, that I
    know of, is AO( Clarinets and Flutes only).
    But they are not great - so I would look
    elsewhere, unless you\'re planning on using
    the AO in generel. I use Xsample and for ensemble
    effect I blend in AO solo woods. But I\'m sure
    DD\'s are good as well (judging from the demo\'s
    and specs).


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    Re: woodwinds

    That\'s not true Hans-Josef. Depending on the music you write (assuming it is for a large orchestra), woodwinds are usually playing in unison with each other. Fx. in tuttis where they need to enforce a loud brass chord, piccolo flute, flutes (1-2), oboes (1,2+e.horn), clarinets (1-3), bassoons (1-2) will often play in unison(!). If you are writing chorales, on the other hand, it requires quite a different perspective on things. In a typical chorale for orchestra woodwinds will often have divisi parts.

    Homogeneous woodwind pairs in unison creates a powerful and smooth sound, while Heterogeneous pairs produce (depending on the blend) brilliant, sharp and penetrating sounds (although certain couples such as oboe and flute sound pretty uniform and warm)

    Anyway, there\'s a notable difference between close-miced solo woodwinds and orchestral woodwind ensembles. Still there aren\'t any woodwind ensemble libraries out there, except Miroslav and some of Advanced Orchestra.
    What a shame! Lets hope Kirk Hunter makes a good one.


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    Re: woodwinds


    I am putting my money on Gary Garritan\'s upcoming woodwinds library!

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    Re: woodwinds

    Is Gary doing a woodwinds library then? I thought he was doing solo strings. Is it me or do sample developers seem to be doing several different libraries at once nowadays?

    Anyway what happened to that guy making the woodwind library with interval samples? That sounded like it was gonna be the one to get. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: woodwinds

    vrsound.com woodwinds:
    available: oboe, clarinet, bassoon, flute, piccolo flute

    features: Release samples, up & dwn legato samples, amazing recording quality, natural orchestra placement.

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    Re: woodwinds

    Originally posted by franz:
    vrsound.com woodwinds:
    available: oboe, clarinet, bassoon, flute, piccolo flute.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Franz,

    Are Those samples found in the Giga Pack only or it can be bought individually ?

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    Re: woodwinds

    Yea, I\'ve talked to Gary, he\'s planning on doing a woodwind library. But don\'t expect it anytime soon, he\'s still polishing up the strings lib. So I\'d look elsewhere for now for woodwind sections. Be prepared for something truly great with his new solo strings.

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    Re: woodwinds

    For a single library, Dan Dean really sounds beautiful and just works great. For the time being, I like AO for the woodwind effects. The \"ideal\" situation is to have several libraries on hand and create your own custom ensembles as they are needed from 1-3 or 4 players. In my template, I have the Dan Dean at the top of the list and always reach for it for most solo stuff since it generally kills everything else hands down. The others (Miroslav, AO and Xsample) are on hand to check and sometimes a certain phrase simply does better with one of those but not often for me. Then if I need an ensemble sound, I layer the instruments from all three libraries and get a very nice and rich ensemble that I have good control over.
    This is with the current crop of existing libraries. The new things coming in the future like the Vienna Samples and whatever Garry and Kirk may be working on will of course be a whole new can of worms. Not enough machines to handle it all. The Vienna stuff rocks by the way from everything I have heard so far.

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