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Topic: Microphone recommendations for a Leslie speaker

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    Microphone recommendations for a Leslie speaker

    Good evening everyone

    I\'m starting work on an amateurish first attempt at a Hammond C3 sample library and would like to ask your advice on which microphones to use. Any suggestions regarding placement would also be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Microphone recommendations for a Leslie speaker

    Use pne or two mics on both top and bttom (keep them the same for sampling-I use one of the bottom when I record, but I have the lower rotor disconnected and facing out.

    For two mikes, find the spot where you get te sound you want, through the louvers (reduces motor and air noise) about 6\"-2\' away, 180 deg apart for best results.

    Mikes? Depends on what you have available. I like an RE-20 on the bass, and a pair of Neumann KM 184\'s for the top, but I will use SM57\'s for all positions with no problem, or an AKG D120 on the bass. Get out your mike closet, and see what gives you the sound you want.


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    Re: Microphone recommendations for a Leslie speaker

    I mostly agree with soundsmith. But I\'ll add that mic pre-amps matter more than what mics, in this case. Some engineers approach a Leslie the same as a guitar amp. 57\'s work just fine for the top. It also comes down to the sound of your space.

    For the bass, the RE 20 is good, also 421\'s.

    Not sure of your mic inventory, but I also like to use Neumann TLM 103 or 170r for bass sounds. But once again, the mic pre matters more.

    A leslie should sound \"dirty\" in my view. But this is just taste. My biggest complaint about sampled B3\'s is they are too clean most of the time. A good, gritty Hammond sound could make a splash in the sample world.

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    Re: Microphone recommendations for a Leslie speaker

    Fascinating stuff. Just for the record, I am aiming to capture a similar sound to Jimmy Smith\'s \'Angel Eyes - Slow Jams and the Blues\' CD, which in my opinion is the finest example of a recorded B-3. If you know of any others, do let me know. Thanks!

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    Re: Microphone recommendations for a Leslie speaker

    Good point Runyon!!

    I just bought a Trident S20 .... man!!!!!!!

    I had to go through all my mics and listen to them through it!! It\'s lovely!!!

    It was a toss up between that and a Grace, i wanted ulra clean transparent pre\'s -- all my other pre\'s are tubed .... i\'m still looking for another pair of solid state pres.

    Hehehe, funny you mention mics vs. pres ... i ended up selling my boutique, top-shelf AKG C24 so i could invest in more pre amps!!! Great mic indeed ... but i dont miss it (yet).

    Which Grace do you have btw?? Have any recording done through it? Specifically acoustic guitar?


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    Re: Microphone recommendations for a Leslie speaker

    Runyon, don\'t want to hijack the thread, it\'s about miking technique - but have you tried the NI B4? Especially now that it comes with the tonewheel sets, you can get so raunchy it will fry your socks, and the tone is pretty authentic, better than my hardware modules (but not like either of my A100s.)

    I actually find it TOO dirty for my uses (jazz, R&B, not rock) so I use the \'pure\' or \'clean\' versions...

    And I agree with the 421, I traded both of mine 20 years ago for something or other, and forgot aboutit, but they too give a good bottom end (or top, even.)

    Mic pres mattter, but most of us have more mikes than preamps...


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    Re: Microphone recommendations for a Leslie speaker

    Originally posted by thesoundsmith:

    Mic pres mattter, but most of us have more mikes than preamps...

    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">And in my view, this is the common mistake for many a small studio. Sometimes you are better off improving your mic pre-amps instead of getting that new microphone. They bring new life to an older mic inventory. My darling of the present time are the Grace pre-amps. Love those things. They are new to me.

    Of course, if someone has a Neve console or the ilk, then who cares? But most small studios have digital desks from Yamaha or Mackie. Those pre-amps are useful, but you can do better.

    Thanks for the tip on the NI B4. I\'ll check it out. Of course, this sort of thing is all individual taste. I use the Logic plug-in and grit it up with distortion. This also works fine. But, like many, I get lazy from time to time.

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    Re: Microphone recommendations for a Leslie speaker

    Runyon - I don\'t know if I\'d consider it a \'mistake\' per se, we need sufficient inventory to handle a full complement of musicians (I have a pair of KM184s for the real piano in the living eroom, a pair of AKG C1000s for the organ top, and SM57 for the bottom, plus the D112 for BD, 57s for hat and snare, plus a couple CAD E-100s for overheads (may switch these with the organ upper depending on the kit and style. That leaves the vocals - TLM103 and AT 4033, that\'s it for me for quality mikes. A couple POS ancient mikes from American, (one makes a great hat mike for the super bright hat if you want it - sounds like it rolls off about 24dB/oct below 400Hz!

    But that\'s just enough mikes to handle the workload. I needed those before I could move on.

    And the Mackie d8b (nailed it, dude...) And you\'re right, the built-in pres aren\'t bad, but definitely have loads of room for improvement.

    So now I\'m ready for a good pre or two, but I don\'t want to get cheap stuff - the Grace is a good option; my partner has the Avalon 737 and a U87 (for his tiny vocal and MIDI room,) so they may complement each other well.

    Aqua Tarkus, check out the latest (or next-to-latest, the album I\'m talking about was recorded in Texas) Joey D and Tony Monaco CDs, the miking was awesonme, and I believe Tony would be happy to answer questions about how it was done. Very sweet, helpful guy. Find him here.


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    Re: Microphone recommendations for a Leslie speaker

    soundsmith. We have two Grace 801-8\'s. 16 channels total. Also have 2 Avalon 737\'sp. But I have to be honest with you. I didn\'t take a shine to the Avalons. Some people love them. I don\'t see it....or more to the point....hear it.

    The Avalons are noisy as hell. Good for a screaming rock vocal, but not too good for subtle things. Again, just my opinion. Forget about using the eq section. Not worth it at all.

    I think we did hijack this thread. Sorry about that.

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    Re: Microphone recommendations for a Leslie speaker

    Hi Christian

    I have some serious experimentation to do before I work that one out! I must confess to never being particularly happy with the mod wheel crossfade approach, so we\'ll just have to wait and see. Part of my desire for recording the Leslie is to produce a \'reference\' recording that I\'ll aim to reproduce with the sample set.

    PS Jeremy Bender helped me through my recovery.

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