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Topic: Problem with capture function...

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    Problem with capture function...

    Hi everybody:this is the problem..

    I use giga sampler with cakewalk but in the midi conversion the volume is too low with the rest of the record,so I use the capture function to convert midi parts in audio parts ,but I have two problem:

    1) The part don\'t run with the same tempo of the song

    2) The sound quality is not good

    Do you have some advices for me???

    Thank you!!!

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    Re: Problem with capture function...

    You shouldn\'t be having either of these problems.

    In Cakewalk, what are you using for clock timing, internal, audio, etc.?

    Try audio and see if that helps.

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    Re: Problem with capture function...

    I tryed to put on audio clock but they don\'t start in the sametime,even if I use sync start on giga.The sequencer start but giga message is \"waiting for sequencer\"
    I use the start/stop message in cakewalk.What happen?

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    Re: Problem with capture function...

    Go to midi options in Cakewalk and make sure (i forget the exact wording - I\'m not at my studio)
    make sure that \"send midi start\" is checked.
    You have to do this for each midi file.
    Also, regarding timing, try checking or unchecking \"use wave out for timing\" in the audio options.

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    Re: Problem with capture function...


    In Cubase you have to start at 00:00:00, at the beginning of the song. And set MidiClock to Giga.

    For cake I can\'t help you, sorry.

    But I have latency problems with giga and Cubase, can anyone help me therefor?

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    Re: Problem with capture function...

    re :
    \"...The sequencer start but giga message is >waiting for sequencer<\"

    yes, this funktion seems to be simple as it can. ... but it does\'t work.

    i have the same problem with cubase sequenzer. and i don\'t know what to do.

    let me know, if you find a solution, please.


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