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Topic: Beta Testers using Giga needed

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    Beta Testers using Giga needed

    I don\'t use Giga but I thought some of the NS crowd might find this interesting:


    I\'m looking for a few beta testers who would like to put my upcoming Gigastudio banjo collection through its paces. This collection is chromatically sampled, with alternate samples for every note, at every velocity (soft, normal, and accented velocities sampled).

    Here are a couple of quick samples:

    (\"Old Joe Clark\" arr. Peter Wernick/Matt Sayre)

    (\"Banjo Boy Chimes\" arr. Sonny Osborne)

    Anyway, if you\'d like to help out (and get a free final version once it\'s ready) please contact me. I would prefer people with at least a moderate amount of Gigastudio experience and some familiarity with banjo playing/music. Also, high-speed internet access would be helpful, as the size of the ZIP is about 45 MB (115 MB unzipped).

    Matt Sayre
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    Re: Beta Testers using Giga needed

    Wow, that was quick! We\'ve got enough great beta testers lined up now. Thanks for the quick responses!

    (and thanks, Frederick, for posting this over here)

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