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Topic: Breaking the EXS24 Sample Barrier

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    Breaking the EXS24 Sample Barrier

    This was posted on the EXS Yahoo Group earlier today:

    \"The Dawn Of The New Era\"

    by Evan Evans

    It\'s not easy being a guru. You get calls from people asking you for help with little things
    all the time. The pay sucks. But every once in a while an innovation comes out of it that
    makes it all worth while.

    It was early this morning (the end of my Monday work day), a friend in Sweden asked me if
    there was a way to get Klopfgeist to go to Audio Instrument #1. We worked with it for a
    few minutes trying to do it. No avail.

    Instead I suggested he use an external MIDI sound module. Then within 1 minute a
    cavalcade of brainstorm thoughts started to stream through my brain.

    - Why not use a little AU Host app and run a simple click and route it to it with a Virtual
    MIDI port of a MIDI PATCHBAY
    - That would free up another EXS Instance
    - I thought, what little other APP could we use?
    - I thought I could just run another instance of Logic Platinum
    - But that doesn\'t work
    - And surely the XSKey wouldn\'t let you do that
    - But actually you can do that if you just rename the APP
    - Whoa. This way we could overcome the 4GB limit that G5 users have been experiencing
    with Logic, by running a totally separate copy of it in another RAM Space (that\'s how OSX
    - You could then access the other copy with MIDI Patchbay and sync them over some kind
    of MIDI Sync Piping.
    - Oh heck, why not run 3, 4, 5, 6+ versions of Logic
    - And you could PIPE back the audio to the MAIN Logic with WormHole AU
    - Oh heck, why not just set the other Logics into Loop Play and use them as simple sound

    Surely someone had thought of this before. I have been playing a lot of online Poker lately
    and it\'s not a good idea to share your tricks or everyone would get as good as you and
    make all the money ... Maybe someone has figured this out but kept it to themselves! But
    the possibility of it has only been around since Dual G4s, and certainly with the more
    recent G5s. So maybe there just hasn\'t been enough time for anyone to realize it, let alone
    set it up and do it, which would take a few days. But if they did, maybe they hoarded it for
    themselves. Well, I for one have never been like that. I think if we level the playing field, we
    each have our own musical gifts and talents and there is still more respectable ways to
    forge ahead and make money. So I am sharing this with you ALL. You can thank me here
    (310) 691-8163 (Gotta love the prank calls that are gonna come from this!)

    So I tried it. I duplicated and renamed my Logic Platinum 6.3.3 five times as follows:

    Logic Platinum 6.3.3
    Logic Platinum 6.3.3 TWO
    Logic Platinum 6.3.3 THREE
    Logic Platinum 6.3.3 FOUR
    Logic Platinum 6.3.3 FIVE
    Logic Platinum 6.3.3 SIX

    It worked. Connect them up with MIDI Patchbay, pipe Audio back to busses in the MAIN
    Logic with WormHole AU, and bingo!

    You can have between 200 and 400+ EXS Instances spread across different Logics this
    way. And since I have about 200 Instruments loaded into 63 EXS Instances via
    keyswitching (using VSL Pro Edition), I can run over 1,200 instruments. Having them all on
    tap. It\'s possible on a Dual G5 to actually have about 350 EXS Instances sound at the same
    time, but who the heck writes like that? Likely this is to have all teh instruments \"on tap\".
    Still using only 50 to 150 tracks for writing.

    This whole concept is best for orchestral writing where you can set up a template. Because
    you can\'t use AutoLoads with this setup or all the different Logics will load the same
    sounds up. instead you must save a different template file for each Logic. But because you
    are using the other Logics as a soundsource you have some benefits and one downfall:
    BENEFIT: All the Song Information is in the main one songfile.
    BENEFIT: Share same PREF file so key commands are same and environment can be same
    DOWNFALL: Can\'t do offline bouncing
    DOWNFALL: only works with true CoreAudio compatible Audio Drivers (just about
    everything but Pro Tools hardware)

    So there it is. As I see it is a very exciting discovery and I wanted to share it with you all so
    we can say ASTA LA VISTA to being limited to 8,192 open samples, 64 EXS Instances, and
    4GB of RAM. That sucked.

    Another barrier broken by the guru!

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    Re: Breaking the EXS24 Sample Barrier

    Nice! [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]

    I\'m wondering if maybe the new logic version will address the 4GB issue anyways?

    4GB. That\'s alot of samples... [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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