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Topic: Questions for Nick Phoenix

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    Questions for Nick Phoenix

    Is it possible to buy single discs of the Quantum Leap Brass library? I\'d really love to get the Tuba and Trombones disc, but I have little need for the rest of the library at this time.

    Nick, can I buy individual discs? I can\'t afford the whole library right now with other expenditures.

    Also...I wanted to ask about Akai to Giga tranfers. Thinking I was being smart (always a bad idea) I bought your Guitar and Bass library for the Akai last year. I use both Giga and Logic Audio on the Mac...with the EXS24. I figured I could just tranfer the same library to both platforms.

    Well, neither tranfer did a very good job...especially the Giga tranfer. I get no layers whatsoever on the Giga.

    At the end of the day, I should have just bought the Giga version, straight up. Anyway, now that I\'m stuck...is there a trick to tranferring these things properly? Or will the Guitar and Bass never be the same as if I bought the Giga version to begin with?

    Do I need the Chicken systems utility? I bought one from them a while ago, but now I\'m on Windows XP and it doesn\'t work. I can\'t seem to download an update from their web-site.


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    Re: Questions for Nick Phoenix

    You are talking about Quantum Leap Brass here right?


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    Re: Questions for Nick Phoenix

    Yes Ed...sorry. I forgot to mention that this is QL Brass that I\'m referring. I edited the post.

    Thanks for pointing that out.

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    Re: Questions for Nick Phoenix

    Soundsonline sell a cutdown \'Prosamples\' version of QLB in AKAI format. I don\'t know whether it has Tuba or Troms though:


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    Re: Questions for Nick Phoenix

    Prosamples QL Orchestral Brass disk has (in Akai format, easy conversion)

    Tp Sus m looped
    Tp Sus f looped
    3 Tp sus looped

    3 bone sus ff looped

    Tuba sus looped

    4 FH sus m looped
    4 FH sus f looped
    Big low stack

    It is probably possible to get more layers or keyswitches from the m vs f sets, but it\'s not straight-forward (or it wasn\'t before the Editor tutorial was released...)


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    Re: Questions for Nick Phoenix

    Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, I was aware of the prosamples series. I\'d prefer to buy a single disc of the Giga series, not the Akai. I don\'t really want looped sounds, and I\'m really after some of the brass growls and effects.

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