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Topic: Do you guys do it this way?

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    Do you guys do it this way?


    I am setting up a new system, using 4 macs with Kontakt. I am doing it all from scratch - I have some custom samples as well as some stuff from AO. I am setting up different articulations but when doing long/legato parts I am useing the Mod Wheel without velocity sensitivity? Doing it this way I can do some pretty expressive things (going from ppp-fff as volume also changes), but then I cannot change the balance of notes within a chord since I am not using velocity sensitivity.

    Anybody shed any light?

    Tom/Landford Productions/New York

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    Re: Do you guys do it this way?

    You need four Macs just to run AO? Jeez I could run AO on my cellphone. [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

    Anyway its interesting that you\'re actually using multiple Macs rather than pc.

    To answer your question; you can change the balance of parts by using CC7 the main volume for each part. That\'s how I do it anyway.

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    Re: Do you guys do it this way?


    Thanks for the reply, I guess the real question is are most people using the mod wheel WITHOUT velocity sensitivity for legato or football playing or do they have velocity sensitivity turned on with the mod wheel control for volume and dynamics?

    Thanks again-
    Tom/Landford Productions/Islandia/New York

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    Re: Do you guys do it this way?

    I\'d turn it all on.

    You can (probably should) also split your chord voices into separate channels. That way, you can control them independently.

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    Re: Do you guys do it this way?

    Wow Bruce! Is that what these high end libraries Giga, Vsl do, put each part on a sep midi channel? While using vel and mod wheel control at the same time?

    Yuk, that\'s no fun!

    Tom/Landford Productions/New York/

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