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Topic: Which would you rather have?

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    Which would you rather have?

    If you had to make a choice, which would you rather have....

    Heart of Asia or QL Rare Instruments ?

    Miroslav String Ensembles or Garritan Strings ?

    Any comments on these libraries would also be appreciated.


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    Re: Which would you rather have?

    QL Rare Instruments is fantastic. Though there are a few patches on there that I think could have been replaced by better choices (there seems to be a severe lack of high-quality ethnic winds in all of today\'s libraries).

    But even with that in consideration, it just might be the best purchase I have made. Among my favorites in QLRI are the Taiko patches, Highland Pipes, Uilleann Pipes, Irish Low Whistle, the Duduk and the Erhu. All incredibly sampled.

    As for the strings, I couldn\'t imagine many people going out and buying Miroslav ever since GOS has come out (and even Sonic Implants Strings, for that matter).

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    Re: Which would you rather have?

    I like Quantum Leap Rare Instruments much more, although the taiko drums don\'t have that huge pounding Elliot Goldenthal sound that I like so very, very much. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    As for strings, I\'ve used both string libraries, and I think you need to evaluate what you want them for. I think Miroslav has a much more gentle, quiet sound... better for ambient string chords, or whatever. If you\'re focusing on more classical styles, go with Garritan. I\'d personally pick Miroslav over GOS, since I think GOS is too sharp and doesn\'t blend well.

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    Re: Which would you rather have?

    I think it depends on what you need! HOAsia has (as the name implies) a mainly Asian focus. Lots of Indian and Chinese stuff. I love it (but then again I love anything that Ilio puts out). I don\'t have QLRI, but my understanding is that it has stuff from all over the world and more rare type of instruments rather than conventional Sitar and Chinese Violins.

    As far as Miro vs. GOS....I think it would have to be GOS hands down! Pricewise, content wise and sound wise there\'s just no comparison. Miro was great up until 5 years ago, then it started to feel dated (mainly due to the smaller single layer nature of the instruments).

    GOS is truly a next generation library with a realism that IMHO has yet to be matched by others (based on the demos that I heard of SI).

    The bang for the buck of GOS is too good to pass up, even the LITE version is truly outstanding!

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    Re: Which would you rather have?

    Thanks for the replies everyone.

    Im 18 and on a very tight budget you see, and I have to work my *** off to afford all these samples. I have been disappointed before with a couple of cd\'s Ive bought so I thought since i just found this forum I could ask some sample related questions thats been annoying me for a while (expect more, heh)

    I have found that its a bit of a waste of money to buy X-Sample Brass. I was trying to find the cool brass that Bill Brown uses and when I heard the X-Sample demo with that staccato patch I rashly thought \"THATS IT!\"... only it wasn\'t. I paid out £99. Its not a good library IMO anyway. I bought the gigasampler version and i thought it might have been optimised for gigasampler but it looks like they didn\'t rework any of the samples. The sustained loopings are horrible and AO is better for just about everything on that cd. Sorry, I just had to get that out. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Once again thanks for the replies on my questions. Now I need to save for QL Brass, HOAsia, Garritan and QL Rare (bleedin\') instruments. - eek!


    PS: It was tempting to get pirated sample from people, especially since I am quite young and certainly not making commercial music. However I have bought every single sample library I own. I must have paid out £1,500 just on sample cds.... (sounds a lot when I write it like that... Ii must be crazy!!!) I also bought a Triton Pro which I am beginning to think wasnt such a wize purchase. Maybe I should have saved the money and waited until I could afford a Synclavier or something (I love the synclaviers sound - ilios string cd does not do it justice at all).

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    Re: Which would you rather have?

    (there seems to be a severe lack of high-quality ethnic winds in all of today\'s libraries).
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Rooftop, check out the threads on fart libraries! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    Ed, the good news is-you\'re only 18, and these CD libraries will last for a long time. The other good news, is-even the expensive libraries cost way less than a typical medium-priced synth, that has a lot more flexibility but just doesn\'t SOUND as good. And takes up a LOT more room in your workspace...

    A little time spent searching for prices can save you a lot, too. My favorites are Jacks Music Store and Soundchaser for prices. There are aothers, also, use your search engine. The EastWest deals are good sometimes, but generally if the CD is available at these sites, the price is still better.

    Make great music!


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    Re: Which would you rather have?

    Originally posted by Ed:
    Maybe I should have saved the money and waited until I could afford a Synclavier or something (I love the synclaviers sound - ilios string cd does not do it justice at all).
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Don\'t bother with Synclavier. That\'s a dinosaur. There\'s nothing you can do with a Synclavier that you can\'t do with any decent sampler on the market.

    It\'s the witch, not the wand. People got great sounds out of the Synclavier because they were good musicians. It was amazing technology in the early-mid eighties when it hit. Now, it\'s definitely a relic.

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    Re: Which would you rather have?

    You almost certainly wouldn\'t be dissapointed with RI and GOS. Both of them are superb quality and state of the art in their respective classes.

    And remember that sounds online (the main distributor of RI) often has huge discount deals at holiday times, so it could be worth a wait if you\'re after RI.

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    Re: Which would you rather have?

    Thanks for the supportive comments!


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